this is the kind of evil cunt that lisa supports

McCain makes secret trip to Syria to meet with Pindo troops
Richard Lardner, AP, Feb 22 2017

2dad1c09d9a5460499bb9dc06990a214Feb 22 2017, Prince of Abu Dhabi with McCain (Photo: Rashed al-Mansoori/AP)

CASTLE DRACULA, FASCHINGSTEIN — Walnuts McCain made a ‘secret’ trip to northern Syria to visit Pindo forces stationed there and discuss the campaign supposedly for defeating Daesh, his office said Wednesday. A statement from his office did not give the dates of his travel, saying only that he made the visit last week. The statement reads:

Senator McCain’s visit was a valuable opportunity to assess dynamic conditions on the ground in Syria and Iraq. Pres Trump has rightly ordered a review of Pindo strategy and plans to defeat Daesh, and Walnuts looks forward to working with the administration and the Pentagon to optimize our approach.

During a speech Friday at the Munich Security Conference, Walnuts ranted against Trump’s worldview and lamented a shift in Pindostan and Eurostan away from the “universal values” that forged their so-called ‘alliance’ 70 years ago.Walnuts traveled to Syria in 2013 to meet with rebels amid meetings in Paris involving efforts to secure participation of Syria’s fractured opposition in an international peace conference in Geneva. It’s unusual, however, for Congress critturs to visit Syria. Tulsi Gabbard generated a backlash when she visited Syria in January and met with Assad. Gabbard, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, is an outspoken opponent of what she’s called “our counterproductive regime change war” in Syria. Rep Adam Kinzinger, an Air Force veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Gabbard gave Assad credibility by meeting with him.

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