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Trump Tears Into The FBI: Agency Is “Totally Unable To Stop National Security Leakers”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Feb 24 2017

After nearly a week of eerie silence in which Trump ignored the topic of “leaks” to the press by various agencies, most notably the FBI, in his first tweets of the day the president reverted to one of his biggest peeves in recent weeks, namely how the “enemy” press continues to get inside scoops into his administration, and tore into the FBI, following a report from CNN which cited “unnamed sources” (FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe – RB) according to whom the White House tried to urge the FBI to dispute accounts of regular contact between the Trump 2016 presidential campaign and Russia. He tweeted moments ago:

The tweets come one day after the CNN reported that the FBI rejected a White House request to dispute media accounts of regular contact between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russian intel boxtops. The NYT and CNN reported last week that Trump campaign aides and associates were in touch with Russian intel boxtops during the campaign.

Multiple Pindo boxtops briefed on the matter told CNN that the FBI declined to publicly corroborate Priebus’ claim that reports of ties between Team Trump and Moscow were “total baloney,” despite an alleged rare request from the White House to do so.

CNN reported that an FBI boxtop (McCabe) and a White House boxtop (Priebus) offered conflicting stories of how the communication between the White House and the FBI over the news reports began. The FBI source (McCabe) told CNN that the discussions began between McCabe and Priebus during a meeting on other topics after a day after the NYT and CNN published their reports. A White House boxtop (Priebus) said that McCabe called Priebus to assure him the NYT piece overstated the contacts between Trump advisers and Russian boxtops. And so, one week after Trump’s war with the press reached an almost nuclear level, the President has today taken on the alleged source of the press leaks. One wonders what FBI leaks will follow in retaliation.

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