more than a whiff of cordite in the air

Trump attacks media in diatribe to CPAC
Joseph Kishore, WSWS, Feb 25 2017

Pres Trump delivered a violent, ultra-right speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, attacking the media and reprising many of the “Pindostan First” themes outlined in his inauguration address one month ago. The annual CPAC conference was a festival of political reaction. Trump boycotted the event during the election campaign last year, amidst sharp divisions within the Republican Party over his candidacy. But this year’s gathering of fascistic-minded activists and college Republicans greeted him with rapturous applause, repeatedly interrupting his speech with chants of “Pindostan! Pindostan!” Among those addressing the meeting, held this year in National Harbor Maryland just south of Faschingstein, was Steve Bannon, who spoke alongside Reince Priebus on Thursday. Bannon said the administration would press forward aggressively with what he called the “deconstruction of the administrative state,” ie the dismantling of social programs and government regulations, along with an expansion of police state measures and the implementation of a nationalist trade war economic policy. There was more than a whiff of fascism in the air when Bannon denounced the “corporatist globalist” media. After that, Pres Trump’s remarks focused on two main themes. He began with a rambling diatribe against his critics in the media, repeating his previous statement:

Fake news (organizations) are the enemy of the people! Because they have no sources, they just make them up when there are none. The large media corporations have their own agenda … It doesn’t represent the people! It never will represent the people! And we’re going to do something about it!

Apparently following up on this threat, the White House took the unprecedented step later on Friday of barring major media organizations from a briefing held by Sean Spicer. Among the journalists who were prevented from attending the press “gaggle” in Spicer’s office were those from the NYT, CNN, BBC and LA Times. Other establishment news outlets, as well as right-wing journalists from Breitbart News, the Washington Times and One Pindostan News Network, were allowed to attend. The media responded with typical cowardice. The White House Correspondents’ Association issued a statement of protest, lamely declaring that it would be “discussing this further with White House staff.” Trump is seeking to capitalize upon widespread hostility to the corporate media to advance a right-wing, authoritarian policy, using the power of the state to attack the media as a whole and individual journalists. This is aimed at creating the conditions for an ever more violent attack on democratic rights, as the Trump administration prepares an escalation of war abroad and social counter-revolution at home. After denouncing the media, Trump reviewed the right-wing measures his administration has carried out in its first month, including the crackdown on immigrants, and declared:

We’re going to build a wall! Don’t worry about it!

He said of the thousands of people being deported:

These are bad dudes! … If you watch these people it’s like “oh, gee! that’s so sad!” We were getting bad people out of this country!

Of the anti-Muslim travel ban, Trump said:

We will not be deterred from this course, and in a matter of days we will be taking brand new action to protect our people and keep Pindostan safe.

While presenting his domestic program as aimed at creating jobs to benefit the “Pindosi worker,” he outlined a series of pro-corporate measures, including authorization of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, “bold action to lift the restrictions on Pindo energy,” moves to “put the regulation industry out of work and out of business,” and a reduction in corporate taxes. As for social programs, Trump proclaimed, to much applause from his audience:

It’s time for all Pindosis to get off of welfare and get back to work! You’re gonna love it!

The fascistic tenor of the Trump administration is anchored in its ultra-nationalism, aimed at diverting social tensions outward and forcing Faschingstein’s rivals to pay for the crisis of Pindosi capitalism. Both Trump and Bannon doubled down on promises to pursue aggressive trade war measures. The corollary of this “Pindostan First” economic policy is world war. Trump said:

We’re also putting in a massive budget request for our beloved military, and we will be substantially upgrading all of our military! All of our military! Offensive, defensive, everything! It will be one of the greatest military buildups in Pindosi history! Nobody will question our military might again!

The military, Trump said, will be directed to develop a plan to “totally obliterate Daesh,” that is, organize a major escalation of the Pindo war drive in the Middle East. Trump’s speech Friday came one day after he gave an interview to Reuters pledging a buildup of the Pindo nuclear weapons arsenal. Putting an exclamation mark on his jingoistic nationalism, Trump declared:

If countries are going to have nukes we’re going to be at the top of the pack! There’s one allegiance that unites us all, and that is Pindostan! … No matter our background or income or geography, we’re all citizens of this blessed land, and no matter our color or the blood, color of the blood we bleed, it’s the same red blood of great, great patriots!

Trump’s speech before CPAC makes clear that his administration has no intention of retreating from its efforts to witch-hunt immigrants, escalate war abroad and dismantle democratic rights at home. As for the Demagog Party, it has spent the past month spreading complacency, pledging to work with the new administration on economic nationalist measures, and seeking to divert popular opposition to Trump behind its own campaign for war with Russia.

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  1. George
    Posted February 25, 2017 at 9:39 pm | Permalink

    “whiff of fascism in the air when Bannon denounced the “corporatist globalist” media”, I find it amazing that the term Fascism does not seem to have a definite concrete meaning now days. Least we forget it is the melding of state power by corporations with corporations. So my interpretation of Bannon’s remarks is a war on global fascism, I guess it remains to be seen if that includes the fascist deep state collaboration within the US. Very interesting and dangerous times we live in today.

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