despite its title, this ends with a detailed discussion of commodities (omitted)

Trump And Russia: Just Pointing Out The Obvious
Chris, Capitalist Exploits, Feb 26 2017

Chairman Trump may well be a child in a man’s body, erratic, lacking in finesse, as articulate as a gangsta rapper, contradictory, and missing the cognitive functions allowing one to think before acting. But he does seem smart enough to have thought a little about Russia. Thought alone is a welcome surprise from Washington. The establishment for their part are fuming! First their rice bowls are at risk, and to top it off they’re now publicly mocked. To egomaniacs this is worse than acne to a prom queen. As I mentioned a couple weeks back the mockery has come thick and fast:

CNBC’s John Hardwood decided to conduct a Twitter poll to see who the Pindo sheeple trusted when it came to the DNC hacks. Did they believe Wikileaks, who deny Russian involvement, or do they believe the intelligence community who has blamed Russia despite ZERO hard evidence being shown to the public? The results were shocking, and it stunned the media elite!

The absurdity over Russia has turned into a social meme. Few buy the narrative and those that do increasingly find mainstream thinking to be questioned.




Instead of allowing ourselves to be caught in the back and forth about Russia let’s try understand who’s saying what and why. The implications for capital flows could be worthwhile. Without a Russian threat the need for NATO is … well, jeez Louise, there isn’t one. After all, NATO doesn’t need Eurofighters to deal with angry Algerian teenagers. They were built to do combat with Ivan. What if Ivan isn’t the threat they need him to be? Europe (and NATO) actually need weapons designed for a knife fight in a cubicle. Nuclear submarines seem like overkill for jihadists donning exploding underwear and yelling “Allahu Akbar” in a Paris subway. You sure as hell can’t fight him with a Mig-29. The problem is, none of this works for the lobbying military contractors sucking at the teat of Washington.

Scrap the 20 F-22 Raptor jets, boys! We’ve got an order for, jeez, an order for 45,000 stab vests?? No, that can’t be right!

Without NATO, Lockheed Martin may not build as many ugly and ludicrously expensive planes. Without a Russian enemy, Halliburton don’t provide “services.” There’s rice bowls to be filled. It’s about the money. It’s always about the money. Remember weapons of mass destruction disappearance in Iraq? 9/11 was used as a wonderful tool to stir the rubes into a bid to secure more oil. What Iraq had to do with a bunch of angry Toads with box-cutters, they never told us. Afghanistan! What was that about again? Why the never ending bloodshed and mayhem? Filling rice bowls! Let me remind you that KBR, which was spun off from its parent, oilfield services provider Halliburton, was the #1 recipient of taxpayer funding during the Iraq war. A cool $39.5b, according to this source. Remember this guy?

The appropriately named “Dick” Cheney! Rice bowls at risk, folks! Trump’s tipping the bowls over! He’d better watch his back! He’s threatened to pull out of NATO, pull out of South Korea, even Okinawa! Instead, he wants to build a wall on the Mexican border! Pray tell how the establishment are going to make billions from that? This must be truly terrifying for them! How the hell do you frighten the rubes without a big bad foe? How do you keep the defence contracts in place and ensure the spigot is kept open on full throttle? Those homes in the Hamptons don’t clean themselves, you know! Then Trump goes and nominates Rex Tillerson (ex-Exxon Mobil CEO) as Sec State. Rex has close ties with Putin, as he negotiated a deal with Russia to help develop Russian oil reserves, and he doesn’t seem at all angry with Russia. Pleeez! It’s a nuclear power, so in that respect it’s a threat to everyone, but then so is the fat kid in Korea, and he’s a lot less mentally stable than Putin is! Russia is currently an economically depressed country that hasn’t threatened Pindostan, and won’t. Russia isn’t going to invade Europe, as the establishment would have the rubes believe.  Why would they, when all they have to do is bide their time a few years and then find a decent real estate agent to go buy it? No more than every other countries spy agencies are constantly hacking each other. Snakes bite, dogs bark, and governments spy on and hack each other. What now? Well, unless the clowns manage to spark some conflict Russia stands to benefit from many angles, including better relations with Pindostan, including perhaps an easing of or total lifting of sanctions, and the fact that Europe will continue to fragment, with member nations deciding their own fate and likely renegotiating trade deals and sanctions. The Russians have already taken a big hit to their currency, allowing it to bear the brunt of the pain when oil collapsed, something the Toads never did. What’s Russia got going for it? A freely convertible currency, one of the cheapest markets in the world, and a commodity-driven economy, which can be good and bad. It doesn’t come without risks. The market is heavily tilted towards cheap state owned banks and energy companies, so if you’re just buying an index or an ETF tracking the index, you’re often making a bet on energy prices and the promises of the Russian government. All that being said, I can certainly see capital shifting in a momentum driven trade into things “Russian.” (etc with the commodities – RB)

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