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The Clinton system to discredit Donald Trump
Thierry Meyssan, Feb 28 2017

This article is a warning. In Nov 2016, a vast system of agitation and propaganda was set up in order to destroy the reputation and the authority of President Donald Trump as soon as he arrived in the White House. It is the first time that such a campaign has been scientifically organised against a POTUS, and with such resources. Yes, we are indeed entering a post-Truth age, but the distribution of rôles is not what you may think it is.


DAMASCUS (SYRIA) – David Brock is considered to be one of the masters of agit-prop in the 21st century. A personality devoid of scruples, he is able to defend a cause as well as destroy it, according to the needs of his employer. He is at the head of an empire of mass manipulation. The campaign waged against the new POTUS by the sponsors of Obama, Clinton and the destruction of the Greater Middle East is on-going. After the Womens’ March on Jan 22, a March for Science is scheduled to be held not only in Pindostan, but also throughout the Western world on Apr 22. Its goal is to show that Donald Trump is not only a misogynist, but also an obscurantist. The fact that he is the ex-organiser of the Miss Universe pageant, and that his third wedding was to a model, is apparently enough to prove that he holds women in contempt. The fact that he contests the rôle played by Barack Obama in the creation of the Chicago Climate Exchange (a long time before his Presidency) and rejects the idea that climatic disturbances are caused by the expulsion of carbon into the atmosphere attest to the fact that he understands nothing about science. In order to convince the Pindo sheeple of the President’s insanity (a man who says that he hopes for peace with his enemies, and wants to collaborate with them in universal economic prosperity), one of the greatest specialists of agit-prop, David Brock, set up an impressive system even before Trump’s investiture. At the time when he was working for the Thugs, Brock launched a campaign against Bill Clinton which would eventually become Troopergate, the Whitewater affair, and the Lewinsky affair. Having changed his colours, he is today in the service of Hillary Clinton, for whom he has already organised not only the demolition of (Bishop) Mitt Romney’s candidacy but also her riposte in the affair of the assassination of Chris Stevens, the gay ambassador in Benghazi. During the first round of primaries, it was Brock who directed the attacks against Bernie Sanders. The National Review said:

David Brock is a right-wing assassin who has become a left-wing assassin.

It is important to remember that the two removals of serving Presidents since WW2 were set in motion for the benefit of the deep state, and not at all for the benefit of democracy. Watergate was entirely managed by a certain «Deep Throat» who 33 years later was revealed to be Mark Felt, Assistant Director of the FBI. As for the Lewinsky affair, it was simply a way of forcing Bill Clinton to accept the war against Yugoslavia. The current campaign is organised in secret by four associations:

  • David Brock’s Media Matters is tasked with picking up on Donald Trump’s mistakes. You read his bulletin every day in your newspapers: the President can’t be trusted, he got this or that point wrong.
  • American Bridge PAC has collected more than 2,000 hours of videos showing Donald Trump over the years, and more than 18,000 hours of other videos of the members of his cabinet. It (reputedly) has at its disposition sophisticated technological equipment designed for the DoD which enables it to look for contradictions between their older declarations and their current positions. It should be extending its work to 1,200 of the new President’s collaborators.
  • Citizens for Ethics is a firm of high-level lawyers tasked with tracking anything that could create a scandal in the Trump administration. Most of the lawyers in this association work pro bono. These are the people who prepared the case for Bob Ferguson, the Chief Prosecutor of the state of Washington, against the immigration decree (EO 13769).
  • Shareblue is an electronic army which has already connected with 162 million internauts in Pindostan. Its job is to spread pre-ordained themes, for example:
    • Trump is authoritarian and a thief.
    • Trump is under the influence of Vladimir Putin.
    • Trump is a weak and quick-tempered personality, he’s a manic-depressive.
    • Trump was not elected by the majority of citizens, and is therefore illegitimate.
    • His Vice-President, Mike Pence, is a fascist.
    • Trump is a billionaire who will constantly be faced with conflicts of interest between his personal affairs and those of state.
    • Trump is a puppet of the Koch brothers, who are famous for sponsoring the extreme right.
    • Trump is a white supremacist and a threat to minorities.
    • Anti-Trump opposition just keeps growing outside Faschingstein.
    • To save democracy, let’s support the democratic parliamentarians who are attacking Trump, and let’s demolish those who are co-operating with him.
    • Overthrowing Trump will take time, so don’t let’s weaken in our resolve.

This association will produce the newsletters and 30-second videos. It will base itself on two other groups: a company which makes documentary videos, The American Independent, and a statistical unit, Benchmark Politics. The whole of this system, which was set up during the transitional period, that is to say before Donald Trump’s arrival at the White House, already employed more than 300 specialists to which should be added numerous voluteer workers. Its annual budget, initially calculated at $35m, was increased to the level of about $100m. Destroying the image and thus the authority of the POTUS before he has had the time to do anything at all, can have serious consequences. By eliminating Saddam Hussein and Mouammar Kadhafi, the CIA plunged their two countries into a long period of chaos, and the «land of Liberty» itself may suffer severe damage from such an operation. This type of mass manipulation technique has never before been levelled at a head of state in the Western world. For the moment, the plan is working: no political leader in the world has dared to celebrate the election of Donald Trump, with the exception of Vladimir Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Trump Accuses Obama Of Being Behind Protests, Leaks
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Feb 28 2017

In an interview with Fox & Friends that aired early Tuesday morning, Trump blamed Obama for protests against him and other Thugs, as well as “possibly” some of the leaks from the White House:
I think President Obama’s behind it, because his people are certainly behind it.

Trump was asked:

It turns out his organization seems to do a lot of these organizing to some of the protests that these Republicans are seeing around the country against you. Do you believe President Obama is behind it and if he is, is that a violation of the so-called unsaid presidents’ code?

Trump replied:

No, I think he is behind it, because his people are certainly behind it. I also think it is politics, that’s the way it is.

Trump discussed the leaks that have disrupted his first month in office:

You never know what’s exactly happening behind the scenes. You know, you’re probably right or possibly right, but you never know. No, I think that President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it. And some of the leaks possibly come from that group, which are really serious because they are very bad in terms of national security. But I also understand that is politics. In terms of him being behind things, that’s politics. And it will probably continue.

Trump did not offer any evidence for his claim in the clip released by Fox Monday night. CNN reported that it has reached out to Obama’s office for comment. A broad coalition of groups including Organizing For Action, the SEIU, and the Center for Pindosi Progress have been working to help with grassroots organizing around GOP town halls. Organizing for Action, the group formed from Obama’s campaign organization, has 14 professional organizers, for example, who are involved in teaching local activists skills to effectively vocalize opposition to the GOP’s top agenda items. Earlier this month, Trump told Fox News that reports of his calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia were caused by leaks from “Obama people.” Trump’s administration has been plagued by leaks within his administration to the media, and he has continually railed against those doing the leaking and the media since taking office, even slamming the FBI for being unable to root out the leakers. He has said the leaks are damaging to national security. And speaking of the leaks, Trump said that he would’ve handled the crackdown on government leaks differently than Sean Spicer, having “one-on-one sessions with a few people,” instead of the way Sean Spicer did it: in an “emergency meeting” for White House communications staffers where he asked them to dump their phones on the table for a “phone check” to prove they had nothing to hide.

Additionally, Trump also discussed accusations that he is a racist, especially in the aftermath of the Academy Awards where the topic prevailed, and wrote them off as “purely politics.”

Trump said in response to a question on Fox & Friends about host Jimmy Kimmel’s comments Sunday night at the Academy Awards:

It just seems the other side whenever they are losing badly they always pull out the race card. I’ve watched it for years. I’ve watched it against Ronald Reagan. I’ve watched it against so many other people. And they always like pulling out the race card. The fact is I did pretty well, much better than past people in the Republican Party in the recent election having to do with Hispanics, having to do with African Americans, did pretty well or I wouldn’t be sitting here. I mean if I didn’t get numbers that were at least as good or better I wouldn’t be sitting here.

When asked if he takes the attacks personally, Trump responded:

I can’t. I consider it a very serious violation when they say it, and I have to write it off as being purely politics.

Finally, Trump said:

In terms of messaging, I would give myself a C or a C plus. In terms of achievement I think I’d give myself an A. Because I’ve done great things, but I don’t think we’ve explained it well enough to the Pindo creeple.

The President also gave himself an “A” for “effort.” Markets will be closely watching Trump’s address to Congress in just over 13 hours, and grading him on every word to come out of his mouth, with some speculating that lack of any explicit, and overdue, details about his economic plans could be the final nail in the nearly four-month-old reflation trade.

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