this must have taken tyler durden all night

Trump Speech Post-Mortem From Rebellion To Pouting Pelosi
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Feb 28 2017

Just under 70 minutes, 4,825 words, and the message was clear: the speech was about “will” and “Pindosis”:


Additionally “Obamacare” was mentioned 5 times, “Historic” was mentioned 3 times, and “massive” twice:

Pres Trump got a warm welcome:

To start with, for some reason Nancy Pelosi thought that Demagog women wearing white would make a statement:

Pres Trump did not wear a red tie!!!

Trump began by referring to his election as a “rebellion against mistakes of recent decades.” Trump then reminded Congress of his market gains, which Nancy Pelosi did not appreciate:

“Draining the swamp” got a somewhat subdued rund of applause. Nancy Pelosi was not impressed:

Trump turned to immigration, and free trade, quoting Lincoln:

Obamacare was up next. The Republican side of the chamber jumps to their feet and cheers:

The Democrats all remain seated, with some female politicians in white suits seen giving the thumbs down to Trump’s comments:

Trump then discusses education, positioning it as a race issue. Ron Paul had some things to say on that:

Trump then turned to military and veterans. Carryn Owens, the widow of Pindo Navy CPO Owens, was in attendance and received a very lengthy standing ovation as Trump paid him (and her) tribute:

But Ron Paul once again made a noteworthy point:

Trump ended on a much more upbeat, optimistic tone, compared to his inaugural address:

The former president of Mexico could not resist but comment:

New DNC Chair Perez was unimpressed:

Twitter reports that Trump Speech Was Most Tweeted SOTU Joint Session Ever:

We leave it to Ron Paul, who has been very vocal tonight, to sum it up:

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  1. George
    Posted March 1, 2017 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

    It is so good to finally see Debbie Wassermann Schultz on her knees………

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