hillary’s two baskets of deplorables

This is an old story, but because it has become such an enduring term, I decided to track it to its origin – RB

Hillary calls half of Trump supporters bigoted ‘deplorables’
Ben Jacobs, Guardian, Sep 10 2016

FASCHINGSTEIN – Hillary Clinton sparked a controversy Friday night after suggesting half of Donald Trump’s supporters belonged in “a basket of deplorables” which she described as consisting of “the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.” She went to note “some of those folks, they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.” In the remarks, at a New York fundraiser featuring Barbra Streisand, Clinton went further than she ever had in the past in suggesting that potentially half of Trump’s supporters were bigoted. She said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 (above) “that you could put Trump’s supporters in two big baskets. They’re what I call the deplorables. The racists and the haters and the people who are drawn because they think he can somehow restore an America that no longer exists.” The Democratic nominee went on to suggest these voters represented “the paranoiac prejudicial element within our politics.” Clinton insisted that the “other basket of people” consisted simply of those “who feel that the government has let them down, the economy has let them down, nobody cares about them, nobody worries about what happens to their lives and their futures, and they’re just desperate for change. It doesn’t really even matter where it comes from.” She added that these Trump supporters “don’t buy everything he says, but he seems to hold out some hope that their lives will be different.“

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