shelly yacimovich went into politics from being hostess of a TV political interview program

Labor Leader Herzog Slams Party Rivals for ‘Deal’ to Unseat Him
Haaretz, Mar 3 2017

Israeli opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog said on Friday that a deal reportedly struck between two of his rivals to unseat him as Labor leader is “invalid and unacceptable.” On Thursday, Channels 2 and 10 aired a leaked tape recorded about a month ago, in which MK Eitan Cabel describes an agreement he says he has reached with MK Shelly Yacimovich (This must be a a Labor caucus meeting then – RB). As per the so-called deal, Yacimovich would support Cabel’s bid to lead Labor in exchange for his help in her bid for the leadership of the Histadrut. In the recording, Cabel explained to fellow Labor MKs:

I can’t support Yitzhak, because he can’t help me! … He has no power within the party! He isn’t cruel! He’s a fraudster, a cheater of small-time thieves!

Herzog told Channel 2 on Friday:

I couldn’t believe my ears! Eitan Cabel has been a close friend for many years. This is a big offense from my point of view.

He urged Cabel and Yacimovich to “draw conclusions.” Yacimovich denied there was any such deal, telling Channel 2 on Friday:

There was no such thing, neither by hint nor the wink of an eye.

Yacimovich, whom Herzog unseated in a primary contest before a 2015 national election, announced last month she would seek the party nomination to run for Histadrut labor union chief.

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