yvette is on the way

‘Yvette’ Liberman to see top Trump figures while on visit
Anna Ahronheim, JPost, Mar 6 2017

Defense Minister ‘Yvette’ Liberman will land in Washington on Tuesday to meet with Sec Def ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, VP Pence and Sec State Tillerson. Liberman’s meeting with Pence and Tillerson will be his first. The four are set to discuss shared security challenges, including those with Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Yvette met with ‘Mad Dog’ in early February on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, calling him a “true friend who is committed to Israel’s security.” Iran was first and foremost among the matters the two discussed, and they agreed that they must act decisively against it. A statement put out by Liberman’s office at the time said rivetingly:

We need to build a genuine and effective coalition to deal with the terrorism that Tehran is spreading throughout the world, including the development of ballistic missiles and its continued attempts to develop nuclear weapons.

According to a February readout of the meeting by the Pentagon:

Sec Def ‘Mad Dog’ underscored the Pindo commitment to Israel’s security and its QME, and agreed to continue close collaboration and consultation on a range of bilateral defense activities and initiatives.

At the Munich conference, Pence said that Pindostan would stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Pence, who met with Netanyahu during his visit to Faschingstein, said:

Under Pres Trump, Pindostan will remain fully committed to ensuring that Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon capable of threatening our country, our allies in the region, especially Israel.

Iran’s threat to the region, Israel and Pindostan was a priority in the series of high-level meetings Netanyahu held in Washington. Aside from Iran, they discussed Syria, Daesh and terrorism.

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