how could anybody not be interested in the popularity or otherwise of the cia

Dennis Kucinich Warns Congress that CIA Wiretaps Are Real
The_Real_Fly, Zero Hedge, Mar 10 2017


Restive cerements of the left have given pard-like support for the CIA, believing the motives of the heralded agency to be only just and honorable, in spite of all of the evidence suggesting otherwise. Hysterically, it was the left who’ve always been reticent about the motives of the CIA. According to a WSJ/NBC poll, support for the CIA is soaring in recent months, alongside cognitive dissonance, due to ephemeral dreams of deep state coups being plotted against the Trump regime. Enter former liberal Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, disclosing the fact that he was wiretapped in 2011 and only learned about it after the Washington Times let him listen to the surveillance tape. Let that sink in for a moment. He went on to warn Congress that this is happening, and they shouldn’t dismiss the notion that candidate Trump was being spied on illegally or unethically, just because of their unwavering and irrational fealty to the vainglorious efforts of the CIA, the venerable nostrum for all of their sorrows and long-lost dreams of a utopia dashed and cracked asunder by a populist movement blowing the hot coals of discord.

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