“i think there’s a lot of shoes to drop from this centipede,” says mccain

Peskov: Russia impatient for improved dialogue
AFP, Mar 13 2017

FASCHINGSTEIN – Russian government spox Dmitri Peskov expressed impatience on Sunday that bilateral relations with Pindostan have not improved more quickly since Pres Trump took office. Peskov told CNN’s GPS Sunday:

We certainly would expect our contacts to be more frequent, more in-depth, in order to sit and then talk to each other … because we had quite a significant pause in our bilateral relations. For countries like Russia and Pindostan, it’s unpardonable not to be in dialogue, especially against this amount of regional and global problems that we have.

Earlier this year, Trump and Putin agreed to develop relations “as equals” and establish “real coordination” to fight Daesh in Syria. Peskov echoed that sentiment in the CNN interview, but urged Pindostan to do more to kickstart the dialogue, saying:

He’s not hiding the fact that he disagrees in lots of things with Russia, but he’s quite pragmatic enough to say that we have to talk. We have to compare our positions in order to find some common ground. At the same time, he says that we have to come together and start our dialogue. And, unfortunately, we don’t have a better understanding on when this dialogue can begin.

Peskov also voiced concern over the ‘assessment’ by the Pindosi intelligence establishment that Russia interfered in the Pindo election last year in support of Trump. Peskov decried the “hysteria” of the Pindosi political debate, and said it is hampering efforts to establish warmer relations. He said:

We consider it a real danger for the future of our bilateral relationship and we sincerely want to see this hysteria coming to its logical end.

Speaking on a different CNN program Sunday, Walnuts McCain called for greater “scrutiny” in dealing with Russia. He said:

There’s a lot of aspects with this whole relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin that requires further scrutiny, and so far I don’t think the Pindo sheeple have gotten all the answers. In fact, I think there’s a lot of shoes to drop from this centipede.

In the latest twist, Trump’s long-time friend and advisor Roger Stone denied collaborating with Guccifer 2.0, an online persona that leaked material hacked from DNC + Podesta during last year’s campaign. The Smoking Gun website and the Washington Times first reported that Stone and Guccifer 2.0 had exchanged direct messages on Twitter. Stone corroborated the information and posted screenshots of the messages, in which he said he was “delighted” Guccifer was reinstated to the social media platform after being temporarily banned. But he said in a post on his website that the messages were exchanged after the DNC materials were leaked, and that he had “no contacts or communications” with Russian officials or intermediaries.

Conway Suggests Alleged Surveillance of Trump Went Beyond Phones
AP, Mar 13 2017

FASCHINGSTEIN – Kellyanne Conway says she doesn’t have any evidence to support Pres Trump’s claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower phone lines during the election. Instead, Conway is pointing to recent revelations about other government surveillance to suggest it was possible Obama used a different technique. Her response was unlikely to tamp down criticism of Trump’s tweets earlier this month. The House intelligence committee has asked the administration to provide evidence of the allegation by Monday. Conway told ABC Good Morning Pindostan:

The answer is I don’t have any evidence and I’m very happy that the House intelligence committee are investigating.

She later tweeted that the administration is “pleased” with the ongoing congressional investigation and “will comment after.” Trump’s critics have slammed the president for making the explosive wiretapping claim on his Twitter account without evidence. Wiretapping a Pindo citizen would require permission from the FISA court, and Trump as president would have the ability to declassify that information. Former DNI Clapper has said that nothing matching Trump’s claims had taken place. Also this month, WikiLeaks released nearly 8,000 documents that purportedly reveal secrets about the CIA’s tools for breaking into targeted computers, cellphones and even smart TVs. Conway noted that development to justify Trump’s claims. Conway told the New Jersey Record in an interview Sunday:

What I can say is there are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately … microwaves that turn into cameras, etcetera. So we know that that is just a fact of modern life.

Conway told ABC Good Morning Pindostan:

I wasn’t making a suggestion about Trump Tower. I was talking about surveillance generally.

FBI director James Comey has privately urged the Justice Dept to dispute Trump’s claim, but has not come forward to do so himself. Walnuts McCain said Sunday:

I think the president has one of two choices: either retract or to provide the information that the American people deserve, because, if his predecessor violated the law, President Obama violated the law, we have got a serious issue here, to say the least.

The House Intelligence Committee’s request for evidence by Monday was made in a letter sent to the Justice Dept by chairman Devin Nunes and ranking Democrat Adam Schiff, according to a congressional official.

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