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Key Democratic Officials Now Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion
Glenn Greenwald, Intercept, Mar 16 2017

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

From MSNBC politics shows to town hall meetings across the country, the overarching issue for the Demagog Party base since Trump’s victory has been Russia, often suffocating attention for other issues. This fixation has persisted even though it has no chance to sink the Trump presidency unless it is proven that high levels of the Trump campaign actively colluded with the Kremlin to manipulate the outcome of the election, a claim for which absolutely no evidence has thus far been presented. The principal problem for Demagogs is that so many media figures and online charlatans are personally benefiting from feeding the base increasingly unhinged fact-free conspiracies, just as right-wing media polemicists did after both Clinton and Obama were elected, that there are now millions of partisan soldiers absolutely convinced of a Trump/ Russia conspiracy for which, at least as of now, there is no evidence. And they are all waiting for the day which they regard as inevitable and imminent, when this theory will be proven and Trump will be removed.


Key Demagog boxtops are clearly worried about the expectations that have been purposely stoked and are now trying to tamp them down. Many of them have tried to signal that the beliefs the base has been led to adopt have no basis in reason or evidence. The latest official to throw cold water on the MSNBC-led circus is Pres Obama’s former acting DCI, Michael Morell. What makes him particularly notable in this context is that Morell was one of Clinton’s most vocal CIA surrogates. In August, he not only endorsed Clinton in the pages of the NYT, but also became the first high official to explicitly accuse Trump of disloyalty, claiming:

In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr Putin had recruited Mr Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.

But on Wednesday night, Morell appeared at an intelligence community forum to “cast doubt” on “allegations that members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russia,” saying:

On the question of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians here: there is smoke, but there is no fire at all, there’s no little camp-fire, there’s no little candle, there’s no spark, and there’s a lot of people looking for it.

Obama’s former CIA chief also cast serious doubt on the credibility of the infamous “dirty dossier” originally published by BuzzFeed, saying that its author, ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele, paid intermediaries to talk to the sources. He said:

It doesn’t take you anywhere, I don’t think.

Morell’s comments echo the categorical remarks by Obama’s DNI James Clapper, who told NBC Meet the Press last week that he saw no evidence to support claims of a Trump/Russia conspiracy. Clapper stated unequivocally:

We had no evidence of such collusion.

Unlike Morell, who left the CIA position in 2013, Clapper was DNI until just seven weeks ago, leaving on Jan 20. Perhaps most revealing of all are the Demagogs on the Senate Intelligence Committee, charged with investigating these matters, who recently told BuzzFeed how petrified they are of what the Demagog base will do if they do not find evidence of collusion, as they now suspect will likely be the case. BuzzFeed’s Ali Watkins wrote:

There’s a tangible frustration over what one official called ‘wildly inflated’ expectations surrounding the panel’s fledgling investigation. Several committee sources grudgingly say, it feels as though the investigation will be seen as a sham if the Senate doesn’t find a silver bullet connecting Trump and Russian intelligence operatives. One member said: “I don’t think the conclusions are going to meet people’s expectations.”

What makes all of this most significant is that officials like Clapper and Morell are trained disinformation agents. Clapper in particular has proven he will lie to advance his interests. Yet even with all the incentive to do so, they are refusing to claim there is evidence of such collusion. In fact, they are expressly urging people to stop thinking it exists. As the law recognizes, statements that otherwise lack credibility become more believable when they are made “against one’s own interest.” Media figures have similarly begun trying to tamp down expectations. Ben Smith, editor of BuzzFeed, published an article yesterday warning:

Expectation is so strong that Twitter and cable news are full of the theories of what my colleague Charlie Warzel calls the Blue Detectives: the left’s new version of Glenn Beck, digital blackboards full of lines and arrows. It is also a simple fact that while news of Russian actions on Trump’s behalf is clear, hard details of coordination between his aides and Putin’s haven’t emerged. Trump’s critics last year were horrified at the rise of “fake news” and the specter of a politics shaped by alternative facts, predominantly on the right. They need to be careful now not to succumb to the same delusional temptations as their political adversaries, and not to sink into a filter bubble which after all draws its strength not from conservative or progressive politics but from human nature. And those of us covering the story and the stew of real information, fantasy, and now forgery around it need to continue to report and think clearly about what we know and what we don’t, and to resist the sugar high that comes with telling people exactly what they want to hear.

For so long, Demagogs demonized and smeared anyone trying to inject basic reason, rationality, and skepticism into this Trump/ Russia discourse by labeling them all Kremlin agents and Putin lovers. Just this week, the Center for Pindosi Progress released a report using the language of treason to announce the existence of a “Fifth Column” in Pindostan that serves Russia, similar to Andrew Sullivan’s notorious 2001 decree that anyone opposing the GWOT composed an anti-Pindosi “Fifth Column,” while Walnuts McCain listened to Rand Paul express doubts about the wisdom of NATO further expanding to include Montenegro and then promptly announced:

Paul is working for Vladimir Putin.

But with serious doubts and fears now emerging about what the Demagog base has been led to believe by self-interested carnival barkers and partisan hacks, there is a sudden, concerted effort to rein in the excesses of this story. With so many people now doing this, it will be increasingly difficult to smear them all as traitors and Russian loyalists, but it may be too little and too late, given the pitched hysteria that has been deliberately cultivated around these issues for months. Many Demagogs have reached the classic stage of deranged conspiracists, where evidence that disproves the theory is viewed as further proof of its existence, and those pointing to it are instantly deemed suspect.


A formal, credible investigation into all these questions, where the evidence is publicly disclosed, is still urgently needed. That’s true primarily so that conspiracies no longer linger and these questions are resolved by facts rather than agenda-driven anonymous leaks from the CIA and cable news hosts required to feed a partisan mob. It’s certainly possible to envision an indictment of a low-level operative like Carter Page, or the prosecution of someone like Paul Manafort on matters unrelated to hacking, but the silver bullet that Demagogs have been led to expect will sink Trump appears further away than ever. But given the way these Russia conspiracies have drowned out other critical issues being virtually ignored under the Trump presidency, it’s vital that everything be done now to make clear what is based in evidence and what is based in partisan delusions. And most of what the Demagog base has been fed for the last six months by their unhinged stable of media, online, and party leaders has decisively fallen into the latter category, as even their own officials are now desperately trying to warn.

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