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Pelosi, Schiff Slam “White House Surrogate” Nunes’ “Act Of Diversion & Desperation”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Mar 22 2017

It seems Devin Nunes has struck a chord given the level of rhetoric roaring out of Democrat HQ tonight. After briefing The White House on the fact that Trump was “incidentally surveilled” along with his team, somewhat vindicating the President’s tweets, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said Wednesday that he has “grave concerns” over Nunes ‘impartiality” and Demagog leader Pelosi exclaimed in a statement that Nunes’ comments were an “act of desperation and diversion.” As The Hill reports, Adam Schiff criticized Nunes for his surprise announcement earlier in the day that he had seen intelligence intercepts that showed authorities had incidentally gathered information on members of the Trump transition team during investigations that the chairman said were not related to Russia. Of course MSNB was more than happy to host Schiff to explain how Nunes is a “White House surrogate”…

And to raise doubts about his independence…

And even better, to deny Clapper, Comey, and everyone else’s admissions that there is no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, and claim that he has new evidence:

Schiff maintained that if Trump and his aides ended up in a lawfully compiled intelligence report, they were likely not the subjects of surveillance. Then Schiff issued a statement for good effect:

Then Demagog Party leader Nancy Pelosi chimed in with the following statement:

The unprecedented comments of Chairman Nunes are an act of diversion and desperation. The Chairman’s highly irregular conduct with the White House raises serious questions about his impartiality, especially given his history as part of the Trump Transition team. Abandoning any pretense of bipartisanship, Chairman Nunes raced to the White House and to the press to perpetuate the Trump Administration’s misinformation campaign. The unmasking of legally intercepted intelligence is often appropriate and necessary to understand the context of foreign intelligence information. Chairman Nunes’ actions are disrespectful of Ranking Member Schiff and the bipartisan membership of the Intel Committee. Republicans are grasping at straws because the FBI Director confirmed that Pres Obama did not wiretap Pres Trump, and affirmed an investigation of coordination between the Russians and individuals affiliated with the Trump campaign in the election. Chairman Nunes is deeply compromised, and he cannot possibly lead an honest investigation. Congress must create a comprehensive, independent, bipartisan commission to expose the full truth of the Trump-Russia connection.

And finally, a Demagog member of the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday pushed back on revelations from the panel’s Chairman Devin Nunes, saying his claims of incidental Pindosi surveillance of members of Pres Trump’s transition team were “trumped up.” Rep Jackie Speier said during an appearance on MSNBC:

If in fact this took place, it was incidental and it was done through what is legally allowed by the CIA when they are surveilling foreign persons. This could be a lot of theater. It looks very trumped-up to me. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Seems like Mr Nunes, who we are sure will be discovered to have had contact with some Russian official or other very soon, has hit a nerve, smashing yet another leg out from under the 1-legged stool of the Demagog narrative.


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