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Anti-Semitic Flyers Found On UIC Campus For Second Time In A Week
Stephen Gossett, Chicago, Mar 20 2017

Even after the university announced an investigation into anti-Semitic flyers being posted on campus earlier in the week, more such flyers were found distributed at the University of Illinois at Chicago over the weekend. The latest batch of flyers were found in a UIC library on Saturday, four days after posters that read “Ending white privilege starts with ending Jewish privilege” were discovered on campus. Kofi Ademola, an activist with Black Lives Matter Chicago, denounced the flyers as racist and said they misrepresent the BLM movement. Ademola said in a statement sent to Chicagoist:

We’ve noticed a disturbing new trend where people have been using language from social justice circles to hide their racist agenda. These posters placed all over UIC’s campus are just another example of such an occurrence. These anonymous racist tactics are manipulative, and they’ve used logical fallacies in attempts to fool people into believing their rhetoric is valid. When we closely examine what they’re saying and implying, it’s easier to discern the flaws in their arguments. What they’re saying and how they’re framing their assertions are divisive, inflammatory and based in falsehoods. For example, by creating a false category and calling it “Jewish privilege,” then comparing it to the familiar term “White privilege,” they hope that this false association legitimizes their bigoted beliefs. They’re also trying to use BLM to make their claims seem true. It is widely known that BLM supports Palestinians in their struggle for liberation. We often compare our similar situations dealing with police violence and State-sanctioned oppression. However, being pro-Palestine doesn’t make you anti-Semitic and we don’t condone or endorse any anti-Jewish ideology. We demand accountability to the specific governments, systems of oppression and organizations that carry out injustices and human rights violations. We do not use broad sweeping generalizations to attack groups of people. After the election of Trump, Pindostan has seen a rise in hate crimes perpetrated against marginalized communities (on grounds) ranging from ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, religion and immigration status. What we’ve also seen develop is stronger alliances of intersectionality between these same marginalized communities. We stand in solidarity with folx who fight for justice and work towards freeing all people from the social constructs of oppression, including but not limited to anti-Blackness, heteronormative patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, racism, colonialism, sexism, ableism, capitalism, and imperialism.

Earlier in the week, the UIC Chancellor emailed an announcement to students and staff in response to the first posting of flyers reading:

Such actions do not reflect the values we hold as a community. Acts that invoke hatred or violence toward members of our community will not be tolerated on our campus. As we investigate this recent event, we strongly encourage all members of our university to exercise their right to free speech in a manner that recognizes these principles and avoids prejudice or stereotypes.

A UIC official referred us to their original statement upon request for comment and an update on the investigation.

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  1. harry
    Posted March 23, 2017 at 9:01 am | Permalink

    Interesting statistics but it is about meritocracy and not white privilege. Actually the Jews appear to be ‘white’ but it is not a question of the colour of of skin but more on the mental plane.
    BTW Columbia ranking %27 with Yale is interesting. Yale is probably the most ‘waspy’ institution on the list while Columbia is overtly anti-semitic. Not only from the non-Jews but even the Jewish professors i.e. Gil Anidjar of Morrocan heritage who is vehemently anti-zionistic.
    The Morrocan community in Israel suffers from an inferiority complex partially inflicted upon them by the East European Jews and they even have a phrase about themselves ‘the Morrocan shoah’.
    The problem here is of culture/mentality. Hard to imagine a German or Brit or even an American having a smooth social relationship with Morrocans due to the vast diff in mentalities.

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