the audience couple in the video must be important indian puppets

Dick Cheney Says Russian Meddling in Pindosi Election Could Be Considered ‘An Act of War’
The_Real_Fly, Zero Hedge, Mar 28 2017

Congratulations, Demagogs! This is the moment in your life when you come to realize you’ve become one and the same as everything you’ve always hated about humanity. You and Dick Cheney, professional neocon warmonger, are in agreement that Russia waged war against Pindostan this past election, by way of hacking into John Podesta’s email box and then providing that information to Wikileaks to publish and help humiliate an already beleaguered Demagog Party. Bear in mind, the black hats in the CIA have yet to actually prove to the Pindo sheeple any actual connection between Wikileaks and the Russian government. The only evidence they’ve publicly provided us with is laughable circumstantial evidence, backed up and supported by a sundry of unnamed sources deep from within our intelligence apparatus. But we should strongly consider going to war with a nuclear super-power because strategically that’s the best way to end this charade of humanity once and for all. But here’s Dick Cheney, the man who started the war in the middle east which has cost the lives of at least 1.3 million people. Some estimate the total death toll could be as high as 4 million since the wars began after 9/11. Total treasury expenditure from the Pindo creeple is in excess of $5t, probably more. Some might say Dick Cheney is the single worst human to walk the face of the earth since Pol Pot. Nevertheless, he’s in agreement that Russian’s actions against our ‘democratic process,’ albeit overtly rigged against Bernie Sanders as proven by Wikileaks, was ‘an act of war.’ Fall in line, little ducks, poor fat little ducks, and sign up your kids to fight in the coming Moscow offensive, to defend the honor of John “Pizza map” Podesta.

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  1. lobro
    Posted March 28, 2017 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

    there’s GOT to be a picture of cheney wearing a pink pussyhat … can’t alienate all those broads and heifers out there, they’ve been working so hard.

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