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Putin Paranoia
Peter Van Buren, We Meant Well (Blog), Mar 31 2017

Things about Pindostan we’ve learned since November. Our nation, the republic, democracy, our very system of government is more fragile than at any other time in Pindo history – so fragile that everything has collapsed, or is in near immediate danger of collapsing, after only a two-month jog from near-perfect to the edge of dystopia. The cause of all this is Vladimir Putin, genius spymaster, mastermind, super-criminal, chessmaster, thug, dictator, evil but brilliant, brilliant but evil, etc. Only a few months ago, stuff like this lurked in the dank corners of the Internet, usually web-sites that were designed in the 1990s, or on late-night talk radio, or on six-hour YouTube video rants. These were the same sources who found the Illuminati, Mossad, childhood vaccines and chemtrails responsible for the impending end of our nation. We called this stuff “conspiracy theory” and if rational people mentioned it at all, it was as a punchline, with a shake of the head and a muttered “how can people believe this crap?” Good times, but they are over. We now live in a media world where what used to be crazy is mainstream. Today’s example is from Salon, a piece subtitled The Soviet Union never attacked Pindostan as blatantly as Putin has, and we’re in danger of losing our democracy. The article gets right to it, announcing:

(This is) the first time in modern history in which Russia has directly attacked Pindostan, on Pindo soil no less, and precision-aimed at what matters most: the very integrity of our democratic process.

How was this done? By hacking our election, hacking being a word that no longer means anything but “something to do with computers I don’t really understand but it’s bad,” like when your mom calls you up and says her laptop was hacked because it lost the wifi link to the printer. Anyway, how was this hacking done? Social media. Russian ‘bots. Fake news. which no one watches. The upshot according to Salon:

(Millions of Pindosis) were manipulated into acting as unwitting footsoldiers for Vladimir Putin’s invasion. … Pindosis were suckered by and acted in accordance with Putin’s plot. … Pindosis are deeply vulnerable to digital manipulation and weaponized social media hoaxes. … The blind acceptance of Russian propaganda because it happened to include “facts” that some of us were starved to read, is what turned otherwise decent though gullible Pindosis into Putin’s infantry, virally blitzing the Kremlin’s message through the trenches of the political Internet, attacking and converting more voters with zombie lies. Trench by trench, Facebook group by Facebook group, Pindosis executed Putin’s attacks for him. … The hacking of the DNC + Podesta aside, the effort to trick Pindosis into being recruited as Russian cyber-soldiers began by turning Demagogs who supported Bernie Sanders against predicted front-runner Hillary Clinton. Using “bots” and human resources, Putin lobbed fake news and ridiculous conspiracy theories into social media. Voters who were predisposed to distrust Clinton willingly shared these stories, poisoning everyone who inexplicably (sic) wanted to be poisoned. Knowing what we know now, it’s no longer a stretch to report that Trump was placed in office by Putin. But it only happened because millions of Pindosis unknowingly volunteered to serve as enemy combatants, undermining and betraying their own country.

So there it is, laid out in black and white. We Pindosis were duped by Putin into destroying our own democracy by exercising our right to vote in a way Salon doesn’t like. Basically, our precious bodily fluids are at grave risk. Some substantial number of Pindosis clearly and truly believe Putin engineered the results of our last election, not by manipulating actual ballot counts but via influencing social media in a way that influenced some 50% of Pindosis to vote a certain way. And that the entire universe of factors that went into the election (advertising, endorsements, emails, you choose) did not have as significant an effect as Facebook and And that as a result, the POTUS is under the direct and immediate control of Putin, and has and will continue to purposefully act against the interests of Pindostan. Seriously, that is some whack paranoid shit right there.

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