flynn & svetlana, the original wsj story

Mike Flynn Didn’t Report 2014 Interaction With Russian-British National
Carol Lee, Rob Barry, Shane Harris, Christopher Stewart, WSJ, Mar 18 2017

FASCHINGSTEIN – Former national security adviser Mike Flynn interacted with a graduate student with dual Russian and British nationalities at a 2014 UK security conference, a contact that came to the notice of intelligence but that Flynn, then the director of the DIA, didn’t disclose, according to people familiar with the matter. Flynn met Svetlana Lokhova at the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, a gathering of former intelligence offficers hosted at Cambridge University in 2014…. (subs only)

Mike Flynn, ‘Crazy Miss Cokehead’ and questions over their Russia links
Daniel Bates, Daily Mail, Apr 1 2017

A meeting with an Anglo-Russian banker dubbed ‘Crazy Miss Cokehead’ has been linked to the dismissal of Michael Flynn, sources said last night. Svetlana Lokhova spoke with Michael Flynn at the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, a gathering of former intelligence officials hosted at Cambridge University in 2014. Moscow-born Miss Lokhova showed the President’s former national security adviser a number of historic Russian documents, including a supposedly erotic postcard that Joseph Stalin sent to a woman in 1912. It is claimed the two remained in email contact afterwards and swapped messages on an unclassified channel. Flynn signed himself ‘General Misha.’ Mr Flynn and Miss Lokhova, a Cambridge graduate and historian, are said to have been introduced to each other at the end of the dinner in Cambridge. At the time Mr Flynn was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama and had access to highly classified information and military secrets. What alarmed intelligence officials was that Miss Lokhova appears to have gained rare access to previously classified Soviet-era material in Moscow for her forthcoming book. Adding to the intrigue, Flynn did not report his meeting with Lokhova, who used to work for the London branch of Sberbank. Lokhova has previously declined to comment on the claims. In 2015 she was awarded damages of £3.2m by an employment tribunal in London for sex discrimination and harassment from Sberbank CIB. The hearing was told her bosses branded her ‘Crazy Miss Cokehead’ and forced her out of her £750k/yr job as an equity saleswoman. Workmates falsely accused her of being a cocaine user and said she was hired only because of her looks. The tribunal ruled that she had suffered disgraceful harassment and victimisation. A spox for Flynn said the meeting between the him and Miss Lokhova was an “incidental contact.”

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