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Matt Drudge Declares: ‘Trump Saved the Media’
The_Real_Fly, Zero Hedge, Apr 1 2017

Celebrating Michael Savage’s 75th birthday, Matt Drudge, founder of the largest news aggregator site in the world, DrudgeReport.com, paid him a surprise visit and guest hosted for a short while, fielding some calls and offering his opinion on the ongoing struggle between Trump versus the world. Almost begrudgingly, Drudge declared that Trump singlehandedly saved the mainstream media from death spiraling amidst catastrophic ratings thanks to public disinterest. Because of Trump, Drudge believes, the opposition has ‘consolidated, following every bouncing ball,’ which has created a revitalization in the media not seen in years. Drudge said during an appearance on Michael Savage’s radio show:

I’m getting a little bit nervous about the media situation. Do you know, the media was near death. The NYT was hanging on the short hairs. Do you know Vanity Fair was going under. CNN barely had a fraction.

Case in point, the share prices for all of the major media companies are sharply higher this year.


Being a provider of both financial and political news, I can tell you first-hand, our finance traffic pales in comparison to the political stuff. People are simply transfixed by this administration, because the man, Donald Trump, love him or hate him, is a lightening rod for controversy. We’re living through a reality show, the White House edition, and the media loves it. Drudge also touched on Twitter, suggesting their audience is inflated and not that big. Largely, it’s an echo chamber for junkies.

Lastly, he cited recent Rasmussen poll numbers that showed Trump with a 44% approval rating. He said he trusted Rasmussen and that the bad polling data was ‘a danger’ for Trump and a consequence of having been dealt a bad hand, with everyone working in concert against the President. Drudge believes taking some time away from the limelight would do the President some good, judging the tree by the fruit it produces.

Here’s the full clip.

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