this guy is a sports entrepreneur or sumpn

Mark Cuban On The Trump-Russia Conspiracy: “No Chance DJT Is Behind It”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Apr 1 2017

Since not a day passes without someone opining on the biggest witch hunt since the days of Senator Joe McCarthy to keep the “Trump is Putin’s agent” media narrative going, and keeping at least half of Pindostan engaged with the “evil empire” plotline (we didn’t say it was original), today it was Mark Cuban who decided to engage in some freestyle twitter narrative-shaping (below) on whether Trump is involved some grand Russian hacking conspiracy. Cuban’s conclusion? He puts Trump in the role of Putin’s useful idiot. Of course, since this website, highly critical of both the government, the financial sector, and the real source of financial power, the Federal Reserve, has been accused on numerous occasions as being on Moscow’s payroll or “influenced” by Russia for spreading “conspiracy theories” and better yet, “arming hecklers with content“:


… and since that is patently false, we remain amused by the daily stupidity coming out of otherwise supposedly intelligent people, even as the narrative has recently crossed all propaganda boundaries and now merely being anti-Hillary is equivalent to being “influenced by Russia” as a former Clinton advisor tweeted last night…

… in what, while potentially one of the dumbest things ever said, also exposes the entire “anti-Russia narrative”, which boils down to one simple thing: anyone who criticizes, is skeptical of, or merely questions the status quo or “establishment” is a subversive Russian agent, period, and will eventually have to be put away for society’s sake. Maybe it hasn’t gone that far yet, but eventually it will.

cuban trump russia

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