for some reason, i knew this would be about carter page as soon as i saw it

Intel Dem: Russia probe may put Trump aides in jail
Mark Hensch, The Hill, Apr 4 2017

Rep Joaquin Castro said the House’s investigation of Russian election meddling in 2016 may result in jail for some of Pres Trump’s associates. He told Wolf Blitzer Tuesday on CNN Situation Room:

I wouldn’t be surprised after all of this is said and done that some people end up in jail. My impression is that people will probably be charged, and I think people will probably go to jail.

Castro declined to answer whether his prediction includes members of Trump’s administration or the president’s transition team.When CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked if he saw prosecution as a possibility for more than one person, Castro responded:

That’s my impression, yes. If I was betting, I would say yes. There’s certainly, as all Pindosis have seen by now, quite a lot of smoke. The investigation is to determine whether there is a fire or not.

FBI Director James Comey said last week his bureau is probing Russian intrusions in the 2016 race, including possible collusion between Moscow and Trump campaign officials. The announcement has brought new scrutiny to former members of Trump’s election bid with possible Russia ties. Reports emerged Monday that Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser, met a Russian intelligence operative three years before the 2016 race. Page reportedly passed documents to the operative during a 2013 encounter in NYC while working as an energy consultant. The future Trump aide purportedly met with Victor Podobny, a Russian intelligence operative whom the Pindosi government later charged with acting as an unregistered agent for a foreign government. The Jan 2015 charges were filed against Podobny and two others after federal investigators busted a Russian spy ring that was seeking information on Pindo sanctions and alternative energy efforts. Federal authorities ultimately probed Podobny, Igor Sporishev and Yevgeni Buriakov for their alleged connections with the suspected Russian spy ring, according to a court filing about the trio’s charges. Other Trump associates have been put in the spotlight over connections to Russia, including former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.

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