it isn’t antisemitic if it’s true, says i

Politico Called Anti-Semitic For Accusing Chabad In Trump’s Russia Scandal
Dave Goldiner, Forward, Apr 9 2017

library-3313-1425661234Putin with Lazar (L) and Alexander Boroda at a new Jewish museum in Moscow. (Photo: Getty)

A tangled web of relationships ties Donald Trump and his associates to Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and Chabad appears to be right in the middle of them. The alliance formed two decades ago, just as Trump and others close to him were pursuing a series of lucrative real-estate and other business deals in Russia, Politico reported in a lengthy magazine piece. The convoluted tale connects Putin’s elevation of Chabad’s Rabbi Berel Lazar as one of the most powerful Jewish figures in the country and his alliance with a handful of Jewish oligarchs. Many of those oligarchs went on to forge multimillion dollar business deals with Trump and his associates like longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, along with Jared Kushner. Does any of this provide reasonable suspicions about Trump and his inner circle’s ties to Russia during the presidential election? Maybe. But others shrug it all off. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach told the news site:

The interconnectedness of the Jewish world through Chabad is not surprising insofar as it’s one of the main Jewish players. I would assume that the world of New York real estate isn’t that huge either.

And Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL was among many in the Jewish community who saw the Politico article as a calumny:

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