Walnuts: “I Hope” Trump Has Been ‘Sucked In’ By The Swamp
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Apr 17 2017

Last week we noted that Trump’s base was starting to turn on him after the White House seemed flip on several key campaign issues including labeling China a currency manipulator, ousting Yellen as the Fed Chair and taking a hard stance against NATO, among other things.  The sudden reversals earned Trump a new nickname in the Twittersphere of “Flipper-in-Chief.” Of course, Trump attempted to downplay the new moniker by highlighting all of the campaign promises he has ‘kept’ since being in office.

But any damage that Trump may have hoped to undo with his tweet last week, was quickly erased over the weekend when John McCain appeared on “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd to confirm that he “hopes” Trump has been “sucked in by the Washington establishment.”

Q: I want to talk about the overall changes.  You’ve said he’s growing in office. There are some that will say, ‘no the Washington establishment sucked him in.
A: I hope so [awkward laughter]. On national security, I do believe he has assembled a strong team and I think, very appropriately, he is listening to them.

Probably not the type of ‘help’ that Trump wants from establishment Republicans.
Fast forward to the 5-minute mark for the relevant exchange.


  1. Posted April 18, 2017 at 5:54 am | Permalink

    Walnuts is a truly remarkable man. He appears content, pleased even, floating above a sea of fire.

  2. George
    Posted April 18, 2017 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    Obviously he is the quality control subject for Captagon.

    Lebanese psychiatrist, Ramzi Haddad, told the Guardian that Captagon has ‘the typical effects of a stimulant’ and produces ‘a kind of euphoria – you’re talkative, you don’t sleep, you don’t eat, you’re energetic.’

    Isis fighters in Syria have been using an amphetamine called ‘Captagon’ to stay alert in battle – a drug unknown outside the Middle East.

    Made out of easily available legal substances, this drug was first created in the sixties to treat hyperactivity, narcolepsy and depression but was banned in eighties for being too addictive.
    While cheap to make, it has a street value of $20 (£12.90) and revenues from its sale reaches into the millions of dollars – part of which is believed to be used by the Islamic State and other militia groups in Syria to buy weapons.

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