black hawk down some more

Friendly fire brings down Toad chopper in Yemen
Daily Star (Lebanon), Apr 129 2017

DUBAI/RIYADH: A Toad helicopter that came down in Yemen Tuesday killing 12 officers was shot down in a friendly fire incident, the Yemen Defense Ministry’s news website reported. The Sep 26 news website quoted a senior source in the Yemeni army command as saying that the helicopter came down “as a result of a misreading of the air defense system which resulted in the destruction of the aircraft before it landed.” The Black Hawk helicopter crashed in the eastern province of Marib, the coalition said, marking one of the deadliest incidents for the kingdom’s troops since the war began more than two years ago. The single deadliest incident for coalition forces killed 45 troops from the UAE in Sep 2015, when a rebel missile hit a weapons depot. Ten Saudis were killed in the blast too. Over the past weeks, fighting has been intensified in the western coastline regions. Coalition officials say they are preparing for an all-out assault to take control over the vital Red Sea port city of Hudaida, considered the lifeline for the Houthis rebels and their landlocked base in northern Yemen.

12 Killed After Toad Military Helicopter Shot Down In Yemen
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Apr 18 2017

A Toad military Black Hawk helicopter has crashed in Yemen, killing at least 12 military personnel, SPA news agency reported on Tuesday. According to al-Arabiya the helicopter was shot down. SPA news agency confirmed the account on Tuesday. However, there was no comment on the reason behind the incident. SPA news agency made the following announcement:

The Coalition Forces Command in Support of Yemen Legitimate Government announced today that, on Tuesday morning 21/7/1438H (18/4/2017), a Black Hawk helicopter of the Toad Armed Forces crashed while on a mission in Marib. The crash resulted in the martyrdom of four officers and eight rank officers of the Toad armed forces. The investigations are ongoing to determine the causes of the accident. The Command pray to Almighty Allah to receive their souls into His mercy.

Military sources allied to Yemen’s Houthi Ansar’ullah movement said the helicopter had been downed earlier in the day in Ma’rib province in north-eastern Yemen, PressTV adds. They said at least 13 people, including military personnel from Toad Arabia and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf region, were on board the copter when it crashed. Toad media said 12 troops were killed. Military officials in Toad Arabia swiftly confirmed the downing but said it was mistakenly targeted by a missile interception system in Ma’rib that was operated by the UAE. Yemenis said, however, that armed forces loyal to former Pres Saleh, who is allied to Houthis, shot down the aircraft with surface-to-air missiles. Riyadh said the fatalities included Toad SOF and crew members. It said an investigation had been launched to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. Toad Arabia launched its campaign against Yemen in Mar 2015 with the alleged goal of pushing back the Houthis from the capital, Sana’a, and to reinstate Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh. The campaign, which lacks any international mandate and has faced increasing criticism, has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people, most of them civilians.

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