even a stopped clock is right twice a day

Michael Savage Reminds Us What Trump Has Accomplished So Far
ZeroPointNow, Zero Hedge, Apr 18 2017

After criticizing Trump’s swagger a last week for enjoying a ‘beautiful’ chocolate cake with China’s President Xi Jinping before informing him that Pindostan was lobbing 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria, radio host Michael Savage has slipped into a rare spell of optimism, spelling out Trump’s accomplishments thus far:

So while concessions have clearly been made to the ‘deep state’ over Syria and NATO, perhaps to fend off the ongoing Russophobic witch hunt by the neocons, Savage laid out more than a few examples of things moving in the right direction. Perhaps the flip-flops are just “art of the deal: DC edition,” where compromise is necessary to gain political capital. Trump isn’t a dictator, after all. That said, the whole Jared / Ivanka / Dina Powell / Gary Cohn / McMaster infiltration will continue to be troublesome, especially if Bannon is ever out of the picture. We didn’t vote for liberal advisors and regime change, and the usual suspects seem to be quite pleased with Trump’s Goldman Sachs and Petraeus-connected staff. Hopefully Trump will be able to add to his list of campaign promises without being pulled further into the swamp.

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