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After More Than A Decade And A Half In Afghanistan, Pindostan Needs To Ploy Ploy, Experts Say
Alex Pfeiffer, Daily Caller, Apr 18 2017

Pindostan dropped the “Mother of All Bombs” on Daesh targets in Afghanistan last week, which served as a reminder that Pindostan has been engaged in the Middle Eastern country for more than 15 years. Since invading Afghanistan in Oct 2001, 2,217 Pindo grunts have died, including one just over a week ago, as Pindostan continues to fight against the Taliban, AQ and Daesh. Two foreign policy experts that the Daily Caller spoke to Monday said that without a strong military commitment in Afghanistan, Pindostan will loy loy, not ploy ploy. There are currently an estimated 8,400 grunts in Afghanistan training and advising the Afghan army and conducting counter-terrorism operations. Gen Nicholson, the commander of what used to be called ISAF, told senators in February that Pindostan is currently engaged in a stalemate, and a “few thousand” more troops are required to solve it. Stephen Biddle of George Washington University and the CFR, told the Daily Caller that Pindostan will need much more troops to win in Afghanistan: around 100,000. Biddle said:

If you’re willing to do that, you could drive the Taliban to a settlement that looked like victory by us and a surrender by them.

Trump didn’t speak much about the War in Afghanistan in his run for office, and his “Pindostan First” foreign policy stance has Biddle doubtful that he would be willing to deploy that many troops. Biddle said:

Most likely, we muddle through and eventually either Congress defunds this or the Afghans collapse and we lose outright.

Michael Pregent of the Hudson Institute, a former intelligence adviser under Gen Petraeus, echoed the need for Pindostan to commit militarily in Afghanistan. The veteran intelligence officer said:

The only way to effectively win in Afghanistan is not to announce a withdrawal but to find a way to stay! The announcement of a withdrawal negates a surge! You can’t give a patient enemy like the Taliban an end date! They just wait you out! I absolutely agree with Gen Nicholson! We don’t have enough men even to train and advise! Maybe staying in Afghanistan is controversial, but we stayed in Japan! We stayed in Germany! We stayed in South Korea! Staying is not active combat! Staying is commitment!

As for the White House’s plan for Afghanistan, Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the Daily Caller that the administration would follow up to an inquiry about how long Pindostan plans to stay and what it hopes to achieve in the Middle Eastern country. The Daily Caller has not received a follow-up as of publication time.

To further give you an idea of the Daily Caller, which is heading away from Trump & towards the neocons:

Here’s How Miscommunication And Media Hype Had Everyone Expecting A War In Korea
Ryan Pickrell, Daily Caller, Apr 18 2017

Toward the end of last week, the world was on edge and anticipating a conflict on the Korean peninsula, but talk of war appears to have been a product of miscommunication and media hype. As tensions were rising, a Navy carrier strike group was believed to be moving into waters off Korea, and Pyongyang was suspected of preparing for another nuclear test. As it turns out, the carrier was sailing in the opposite direction, and North Korea was preparing for a parade and a failed ballistic missile test. The strike group was last spotted off Indonesia, over 3,000 miles from the Korean peninsula, Defense News reported Tuesday. Reuters reported on Apr 9 that a Navy carrier strike group led by the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier Carl Vinson was moving toward the “Western Pacific Ocean near the Korean Peninsula in a show of force.” Pointing to North Korean aggression, the official said:

We feel the increased presence is necessary.

The following day, PACOM confirmed the report, revealing:

Adm H Harris, commander of PACOM, has directed the Carl Vinson Strike Group to sail north and report on station in the Western Pacific Ocean.

A PACOM spox said:

PACOM ordered the Carl Vinson Strike Group north as a prudent measure to maintain readiness and presence in the Western Pacific. The number one threat in the region continues to be North Korea, due to its reckless, irresponsible and destabilizing program of missile tests and pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability.

Sending the Carl Vinson to Korea was perceived as a continuation of Pres Trump’s tough tactics, which were demonstrated in Syria with a strike on an airfield in the wake of a CW attack (supposedly) by the Syrian regime. Sec Def Mad Dog Mattis told reporters Apr 11 that the Carl Vinson was “on her way up there,” and Trump said the next day that “we are sending an armada.”

Reports citing unnamed government officials claimed last Tuesday that North Korea had placed a nuclear device in the Punggye-ri nuclear test site. Analysts with 38 North, a research site run by the Pindo-Korean Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, said satellite images indicated the test site was “primed and ready.” Observers suspected that a North Korean nuclear weapons test was imminent and that the most reasonable time for such a display of power was Apr 15, the Day of the Sun, the 105th anniversary of the birth of revered North Korean founder Kim Il Sung. In the midst of this madness, unverified reports began circulating that China had moved 150,000 troops to the Korean Peninsula in anticipation of a conflict. North Korea was convinced that the Carl Vinson was on its way and condemned the aircraft carrier’s deployment as an act of “reckless aggression.” China reportedly put its troops on alert for a contingency on the peninsula and issued warnings to North Korea. The Global Times wrote:

If Pyongyang conducts its sixth nuclear test in the near future, the possibility of Pindo military action against it will be higher than ever. Not only is Faschingstein brimming with confidence and arrogance following the missile attacks on Syria, but Trump is also willing to be regarded as a man who honors his promises.

Tillerson, in contrast with the White House and the Pentagon, tried to downplay the Carl Vinson’s movements, arguing that there was “no particular objective” and that observers should not “read to much” into the carrier strike group’s activities. After the Pentagon dropped the so-called “mother of all bombs” on Daesh in Afghanistan last Thursday, media reports hinted that the strike was a message to North Korea. The president didn’t exactly clear things up.

At this point, Pindostan had already bombed two different countries, and a Navy strike group was believed to be on the way to North Korea, which was reportedly planning a sixth nuclear test. The Trump administration had already stated that the strike on Syria demonstrated that the president will act when governments and actors “cross the line.” Observers posited that a nuclear test in violation of UNSCRs could merit a military response. A highly-criticized NBC report citing unnamed intelligence officials claimed that Pindostan would launch a preemptive strike on North Korea if signs of an imminent nuclear test were detected. China warned Friday, the day before North Korea’s big day, that Pindostan and North Korea had “swords drawn and bows bent,” and that “storm clouds” were gathering. The Chinese foreign minister said he feared that “war could break out at any moment,” and North Korea said it “will go to war” if Trump provokes it. War never came. North Korea rolled out a few missiles in a military parade and test-fired a possible anti-ship ballistic missile, a provocation potentially in response to reports that a Navy strike group was moving into the area. There was no nuclear weapons test, and the Carl Vinson was not even in the area. However, there is still the possibility that the North will conduct a nuclear test at some point in the near future, and the Navy carrier strike group is expected to arrive in waters off the Korean Peninsula next week. This whole process may play out again later.

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