this is all obviously true (unlike various white house fantasies)

Senate Quietly Drops Russian Sanctions Bill, Focuses On Iran Crackdown
Tyler Durden, May 2 2017

Much to the likely chagrin of the MSM and Demagog Party blame narratives everywhere, Politico reports that the leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have reached a decision that’s sure to disappoint Russia hawks: They’re not taking up a Russia sanctions bill anytime soon. Corker told POLITICO on Monday:

We’re not going to do a Russia sanctions bill.

Instead, Committee Chairman Bob Corker of Tennessee and ranking Demagog Ben Cardin of Maryland have agreed to move forward on a measure to counter Russian influence in Eastern Europe without using sanctions as well as an Iran sanctions bill. Corker said:

The ranking member and I are in strong agreement on a pathway forward and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to do an Iran sanctions bill. It’ll be done toward the end of this work period. We’re also working together on a bill to push back against Russia in Europe and what they’re doing, and those are the two courses of action that we’re taking.

The measure to counter Russian influence is expected to draw from a bill put forward by Cardin in January but will strip the measure of its sanctions. The Iran sanctions bill was introduced in March by Corker and has bipartisan support. It’s in retaliation for Iran’s ballistic missile development, support for Pindo-designated terrorist groups and human rights violations. Cardin’s sanctions bill is co-sponsored by 10 Rethug defense hawks, including John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio. Cardin spox Sean Bartlett confirmed the agreement in an email.

Sen Cardin stands by the series of proposals he’s laid out on Russia, but looks forward to working with Chairman Corker on this bill as an initial step to hold Russia accountable for its destabilizing activities.

Rubio, a member of the Foreign Relations panel, indicated Monday he was unhappy with the decision to table the Russia sanctions measure for now.

I think anytime is a good time for Russia sanctions, given everything they’ve done.

Of course the timing of the Senate’s shift away from the ‘Putin is Hitler’ narrative, given President Trump’s phone call with the Russian president today, is intriguing.

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