another black puppet gets senile

Maxine Waters “Putting Career On The Line To Resist Disgusting, Poor Excuse Of A Man”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, May 4 2017

Maxine Waters has emerged as the House leader of the “Resist Trump” movement after previously warning him to “get ready for impeachment” and referring to his administration as “a bunch of scumbags.” Now, at a gala hosted by Emily’s list, which aims to elect female Demagogs who support abortion rights, Waters decided to ramp things up a bit by referring to Trump as a “disgusting, poor excuse of a man” and saying that she’s putting her “career on the line” to resist his presidency.

We must take our anger, our pain, our collective strength to right this wrong, to resist this tyranny and to save our democracy from a man whose immoral character and distorted thinking are an imminent threat to our nation. There are many who do not like what I’m doing. I’m putting my career on the line. But I’ve decided that no matter those who do dislike what I’m doing, no matter those who disagree with me, I feel absolutely certain that this country deserves better than Donald Trump. We will not allow ourselves to be shut up, or shut down by anyone. Especially this disgusting, poor excuse of a man who is now the POTUS.

Pardon our cynicism, Ms Waters, but coming from a California district that supported Hillary by a 72% to 22% margin, we hardly believe that your “resist Trump” initiative is in any way ‘threatening’ to your career. A more appropriate adjective might be “self-serving.” (Also #TERMLIMITS2017)

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