remember what happened to hamid karzai?

Iraqi PM Abadi: No Pindo grunts to stay in Iraq after Daesdh defeat
Qassim Abd’ul-Zahra, AP, May 5 2017

BAGHDAD – Pindo grunts will not stay on in Iraq after the fight against Daesh is over, Iraq’s PM said Friday, a statement that followed an AP report on talks between Iraq and Pindostan focussed precisely on maintaining Pindo grunts in the country. A Pindo boxtop and an Iraqi boxtop told AP this week that talks about keeping Pindo grunts in Iraq were ongoing. The Pindo boxtop emphasized that discussions were in early stages and that nothing had been finalized. In his statement, Haider al-Abadi emphasized that there are no foreign combat troops on Iraqi soil and that any Pindo grunts who stay on once Daesh are defeated will be advisers working to train Iraq’s security forces to maintain “full readiness” for any “future security challenges.” While some Pindo grunts are carrying out combat operations with Iraqi forces on and beyond front lines in the fight against Daesh, al-Abadi has maintained that they are acting only as advisers, apparently to get around a required parliamentary approval for their presence. Any forces who remained would continue to be designated as advisers for the same reason, the Iraqi boxtop said. Regardless of how they are designated, talks about maintaining Pindo grunts in Iraq point to a consensus by both governments that a longer-term Pindo presence in Iraq is needed to ensure that an insurgency does not bubble up again once Daesh are driven out, in contrast to the ‘full Pindo withdrawal’ in 2011. Currently, the Pentagon has close to 7,000 grunts in Iraq, many not publicly acknowledged. At the height of the surge of grunts in 2007, there were about 170,000 grunts in the country. The numbers were wound down eventually to 40,000, before the ‘complete withdrawal’ in 2011. The Pindonazi intervention purportedly against Daesh, launched in 2014, was originally cast as an operation that would largely be fought from the skies with a minimal footprint on Iraqi soil. Nevertheless, that footprint has since expanded, given the Iraqi forces’ need for support. Iraqi forces are struggling to retake the last remaining Mosul neighborhoods that Daesh holds in the city’s western half, but even after a territorial victory, Iraqi and Pindonazi boxtops have warned that the genocide will continue.

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