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Trump Tweets ‘Like-ability’ Tumbles
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, May 8 2017


Twitter users are showing Pres Trump less love than they did at the start of his term. (click image for large interactive version). What’s driving the downward trend? Bloomberg notes several factors could be at play. The president’s approval rating has declined since he took office; enthusiasm for his brand of commentary may be waning; and, of course, newer tweets have simply had less time to accumulate likes, though most likes are usually awarded shortly after a tweet’s publication. Trump says he prefers Twitter because he wants to work around the mainstream media’s filter. He said a few days after taking office:

When the media takes my message, knows what my message is and then writes it purposely so it doesn’t sound good, I’d rather do Twitter.

But as AP reports,, Twitter appears to have its own partisan filter. Reaction to Trump’s tweets breaks down sharply along partisan lines, with conservatives more likely to retweet without commentary, while liberals are for more likely to respond to a tweet and presumably disagree. About 96% of those who simply retweet the president’s words are right-leaning, according to the analysis, while about 54% of his replies come from left-leaning users. Verified accounts, often journalists, celebrities, politicians or other public figures, are 70% more likely to weigh in on Trump’s tweets by quoting them, interjecting their own voices to the discussion. However, as Bloomberg reports, the decline has not affected the president’s ability to use Twitter to deliver his message. Any tweet from @realDonaldTrump is still capable of taking over a news cycle. Trump’s tweet on May 2 calling for “a good ‘shutdown’ in September” had garnered only about 58k likes as of Wednesday morning, yet had generated stories in the NYTthe WaPo, the Fox News websiteBreitbart and Bloomberg News.


Twitter in long doses i imagine would render the already brain-dead, an imbecile. The cushy dinners with Goldman and whichever General Fuckwit would be much more meaningful for us to listen in on, than the drivel posted for mass consumption on Twatwad. – WTFUD, May 8, 2017 4:58 AM

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