closing down ‘mabat’ – that’s worse than erdogan!

After 49 years, Israel news show scrapped hour before airing
Ilan Ben Zion, AP, May 9 2017

JAYLOOMIA — With an emotional sign-off, Israel’s longest running TV news program aired its last episode Tuesday after a sudden cancellation following a political battle with the prime minister. PM Netanyahu has said the shutdown of the struggling state-run broadcaster is part of reforms to create a new replacement organization, but staffers and opposition lawmakers accuse him of trying to control the media and defang the public news outlet. The state-run Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) was notified an hour before Tuesday’s broadcast that “Mabat la-Hadashot” (A Glance at the News), which has been on air for 49 years, was to be shut down. Choking back tears, Channel 1 News anchor Geula Even announced that the broadcast would be its last. The program’s staff turned out for a tearful send-off and sang the national anthem. Presenter Michal Rabinovich said:

This comes sooner than we expected! We thought of parting a bit differently than this!

The program was canceled ahead of the long-anticipated launch of a new public broadcaster, which Netanyahu has stripped of its news division. A separate entity will broadcast current events instead. The launch of the new broadcasting entity has been postponed multiple times and is currently slated for May 15. Veteran journalist Ya’akov Ahimeir said:

It’s a mark of disgrace on this government! They notify you two hours before going on air that this is the last Mabat! What are we, criminals?

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  1. shaul
    Posted May 10, 2017 at 10:03 am | Permalink

    Geula Even{Saar} was the leading anchor for at least 30yrs.+. She cried when announcing that Mabat was closing.
    I remember her many years ago and must say she possessed extraordinary beauty. One could probably find on Google a photo of her when she was younger.

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