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NK Test-Fires 7th Ballistic Missile Of 2017 –
Projectile Flew 700Km, Landed In Sea Of Japan

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, May 13 2017

On the eve of a summit in Beijing, and just hours after Pyongyang’s chief nuclear negotiator said NK is ready to hold talks with Pindostan “if the conditions are mature”, SK’s Yonhap reports that NK has fired a projectile believed to be a ballistic missile, from a region named Kusong located northwest of Pyongyang, where the North previously test-launched its IRBM. The nature of the projectile was not immediately clear, an SK military official told Reuters. The ballistic missile firing is NK’s seventh this year. The launch comes just hours after the South China Morning Post reports Choe Son-hui, head of the NK Foreign Ministry North America bureau, offered the assurance in the Chinese capital after an informal (back-channel – RB) meeting in Norway with Thomas Pickering, a former Pindo ambassador to the UN.

“If conditions are mature, we will hold dialogue with the Donald Trump administration,” she said. Choe made the remarks just days after Trump said he would be willing to meet NK leader Kim Jong-un “under the right circumstances.” But the comments also came as the Pindo embassy in Beijing told China’s foreign ministry that NK’s attendance at the top-level gathering for the “Belt and Road Initiative” could send the wrong message as the world was trying to pressure Pyongyang over its ­repeated missile and nuclear tests. The foreign ministry said Beijing welcomed the participation of all countries in the summit.

SK’s Yonhap News confirms NK has fired what appears to be a ballistic missile from its west coast, the SK military reported early Sunday. The launch would be the first in two weeks since the last attempt to fire a missile ended in a failure just minutes into flight. It would also be the first launch since a new, liberal president took office in SK on Wednesday saying dialogue as well as pressure must be used to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula and stop NK’s weapons pursuit. The new president Moon has said he is willing to engage in dialogue with his northern neighbor. Weapons experts and government officials, cited by Reuters, “believe NK has accomplished some technical progress with those tests.” The SK military has now confirmed it was a ballistic missile that flew 700 km. The Japanese government confirms the missile flew 30 minutes and landed in the Sea of Japan. Kim claimed in January to be in the final stages of preparations to test-fire an ICBM, and has since launched several IRBMs with varying degrees of success. The action provides an early test for SK Pres Moon Jae-in, who came to office on May 10 saying he would visit Pyongyang under the “right circumstances” to bring peace to the peninsula. Moon convened a meeting of the national security council Sunday morning, according to the Presidential Blue House. Today’s launch should not be a total surprise. In a interview earlier in the week with Sky News, Choe Il, NK Ambassador to the UK,  was asked:

Is a sixth nuclear test now imminent?

The answer was:

In regards to the sixth nuclear test, I do not know the scheduled time for it, as I am here in the UK, not in my home country. However, I can say that the nuclear test will be conducted at the place and time as decided by our supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un.

Asked if he was afraid of a possible Pindo military response, the ambassador answered:

We are developing our nuclear strength to respond to that kind of attack by Pindostan. If Pindostan attacks us, our military and people are fully ready to respond to any kind of attack. I do not think Pindostan are considering a military attack against us.

Asked what would NK’s response be to a preemptive strike, he answered:

Pindostan cannot attack us first. If Pindostan moves an inch, then we are ready to turn to ashes any available strategic assets of Pindostan.

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