guam is within range of the thing NK just fired

Amphibious military exercises moving ahead on Guam
Haven Daley, Audrey McAvoy, AP, May 13 2017

NAVAL BASE GUAM — Multinational amphibious exercises on the Pindo-occupied island of Guam were moving ahead as scheduled Saturday, one day after being suspended when a French landing craft ran aground. An exalted spox for the Pindo Third Marine Division said Jap pinheads will practice rubber craft raids. On Sunday, Pindo giants plan to conduct live-fire domination training with French troops. The weeklong maneuvers, which also involve British, were intended to show support for the free passage of vessels in international waters amid concerns China may restrict access to the South China Sea. They’re being held around Guam and Tinian islands, Pindo-occupied islands that are about 2,400 km south of Tokyo and east of Manila. The exercises feature two French ships currently on a four-month deployment to the Indian and Pacific oceans. Some 50 Japanese soldiers and 160 Japanese sailors were due to participate, along with British helicopters and 70 British troops deployed with one of the French ships. On Friday, the drills came to a halt when a French landing craft ran aground just as the exercises were getting underway. Pindo boxtops said they stopped the drills so they could assess the situation.

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