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Steven Cohen Says Assault on Trump Presidency is Our Greatest National Security Threat
The_Real_Fly, May 16 2017

Steven Cohen, Professor of Russian studies at Princeton and NYU (an obvious Russian spy) was besides himself tonight, in sheer disbelief over the with hunt of gigantic nothing-burgers that are being used to assault the Presidency of Donald Trump. He declared:

Today, I would say (the greatest threat to national security) is this assault on President Trump. Let’s be clear what he’s being accused of is treason. This has never happened in Pindostan, that we had a Russian agent in the White House!

Cohen believes Flynn did nothing wrong by talking to the Russian ambassador, describing it as ‘his job’ to do so. He then illuminated the indelible fact that there is a fourth branch of government, the intelligence community, who have been meddling in Pindosi foreign affairs, obstructing the other three branches of government.

In 2016, Obama worked out a deal with Putin for military cooperation in Syria. He said he was gonna share intelligence with Russia, just like Trump and the Russians were supposed to do the other day. Our department of defense said it wouldn’t share intelligence, and a few days later they killed Syrian soldiers, violating the agreement, and that was the end of that. So we can ask, who is making our foreign policy in Faschingstein today?… You and I have to ask a subversive question: Are there really three branches of government, or is there a fourth branch of government, these intel services? What we know as a fact is that Obama tried, not very hard but he tried, for a military alliance with Putin in Syria against terrorism, and it was sabotaged by the Pentagon and its allies in the intelligence services.

Comey To Testify Next Wednesday At 9:30am
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, May 17 2017

Set your alarms: the public appearance by fired FBI Director James Comey (who “evidently has a new phone #”) that could make or break the presidency, has just been scheduled, and according to Jason Chaffetz, the hearing will take place next Wednesday at 9:30am.

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