global ZOG no longer equals merely pindostan, global ZOG equals NATO (including all its intel services)

The Special Counsel Comes to Town: It’s the Moscow Trials Revisited
Justin Raimondo,, May 19 2017

Donald Trump ran on a platform of improving relations with Russia: his victory was a mandate for that policy. Yet the real power in this country doesn’t reside within the ballot box, and that reality was brought home when the DoJ appointed a “special counsel” to investigate “any links and/or coordination with the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of Pres Trump.” After months of leaks coming from the intelligence agencies, who bitterly oppose the new policy, and a barrage of innuendo, smears and character assassination in the media, the will of the people has been abrogated: the Deep State has the last word. The denizens of Langley and the career spooks within our seventeen intelligence agencies have exercised their veto power, a power that is not written into the Constitution, but is nevertheless very real. Trump’s goal of “getting along with Russia” will surely not be implemented now that the regime of the special counsel has trumped him. The Deep State’s goal is to not only make détente with Russia impossible, but also to overthrow a democratically-elected chief executive, and perhaps prosecute him for “high crimes and misdemeanors” in the process. No matter what you think of Trump, this is an ominous development for all those who care about the future of our republic, because the warning to our politicians could not be clearer: So you want to effect a fundamental change in Pindosi foreign policy? You dare to question the permanence of NATO? Let this be a lesson to you!

This goes way beyond the Trump administration. The potential targets of the investigation are potentially unlimited. Deputy Attorney General Ron Rosenstein’s letter to the Special Counsel, Bush 43-era FBI Director Robert Mueller, also states that the counsel’s purview includes “any matters that arose directly from the investigation” as well as “any other matters within the scope of 28 CFR 600.4 (a),” which refers to anyone who might conceivably be involved in obstructing the Special Counsel’s probe. In short, Mueller has virtually unlimited power to expand his investigation and given the history of Special Counsels, you can be sure that this one will wander far afield and become a general probe into “Russian influence” on the election, a matter already taken up by at least two congressional committees. Any politician who advocates peaceful and productive relations with Russia is a likely target, especially one who supported Trump. The War Party has already got Dana Rohrabacher in its sights for his fearless questioning of the anti-Russian propaganda campaign. Furthermore, any media outlets that either supported Trump, had a good word to say about Trump, and/or dissented from the Russophobic hysteria that has gripped the “mainstream” media are liable to be scrutinized. Journalists with “Russian ties,” no matter how tenuous, will be caught up in the witch-hunt. The WaPo gave front page-prominence last November to a group of anonymous “researchers” that calls itself “PropOrNot,” which has compiled a lengthy list of “pro-Russian” media outlets and web sites, including the Drudge Report, and

The dynamics of the witch-hunt will play out in the manner in which it has operated up until this point, only more so. The “MSM” will act as the research department of the DoJ investigators, “uncovering” the “pro-Russian” network in Pindostan and imploring Mueller to move in for the kill. Politicians, journalists, academics and even ordinary folks will be targeted by the government in the hunt for “Putin’s puppets.” We haven’t seen this kind of thing since the 1950s. Indeed, the history of these political lynchings goes all the way back to the Moscow Trials conducted by Stalin and his henchmen, who consolidated their power by prosecuting “Trotskyite wreckers” and other “enemies of the people” to the applause of Western “liberals.” What we are witnessing is a “regime change operation” such as our intelligence agencies have routinely carried out abroad, but this time right here in Pindostan. Yet it is more and worse than that. This pernicious campaign is an attempt to criminalize dissent from the foreign policy “consensus.” It is an effort by powerful groups within the national security bureaucracy, the media, and the military-industrial complex to stamp out any opposition to their program of perpetual war. It is, in effect, political terrorism: that is, an attempt to achieve political-ideological goals by the threat of force, the threat of state coercion.

The police-state methods utilized by law enforcement agencies in this country since 9/11, including universal surveillance and the whole menu of cyber-spying techniques exposed by Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks, will be deployed. And it won’t just be our own Pindosi spooks doing the eavesdropping. The involvement of the British and other European intelligence agencies in this regime-change operation on Pindosi soil is well-known. It was “former” MI6 agent Christopher Steele who authored and circulated the infamous “dirty dossier” on Trump. The Ukrainians in particular are in the forefront of this campaign. Their targeting of Paul Manafort is out in the open and a recent article in the WaPo which relates a conversation between GOP House majority leader Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and others, has McCarthy saying he thinks both Trump and Rohrabacher are “paid by Putin.” The exchange took place on Capitol Hill after a meeting with the Ukrainian envoy, and the WaPo, in a story datelined Kiev, reports that it was “recorded.” So who did the recording? My bet is on the Ukrainians. Oh, but that kind of “foreign influence” on our politics is just fine and dandy. You won’t ever see a Special Counsel appointed to investigate it. The reign of terror is about to begin. Anyone who opposes our interventionist foreign policy is liable to be labeled a “Kremlin tool” and could face legal sanctions, because you can be sure that ancillary efforts, apart from the office of the Special Counsel, are already in motion to make sure dissent is muzzled. They intend to move against the Internet in the name of guarding against “Russian influence.” The phony campaign against “fake news” is already well advanced, along with legislative efforts to fund a “pushback” campaign against “Russia propaganda,” and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some attempt is made to abridge the right to publish material deemed “pro-Russian,” either with direct legal sanctions or indirect methods, such as stopping or inhibiting the funding of “suspicious” web sites.

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