cohn not going to let other nations survive any longer than he has to

Cohn: White House won’t roll back Russia sanctions
Matthew Nussbaum, Tara Palmeri, Politico, May 26 23017


The White House will not move to reduce sanctions on Russia and may even pursue further action against Moscow, Pres Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn told reporters on Friday, clarifying previous remarks. Cohn said:

We’re not lowering our sanctions on Russia. If anything, we would probably look to get tougher on Russia. I think the president’s made it clear how the Russians could have the sanctions lifted and how they could have the sanctions taken away.

Cohn spoke to reporters from the sidelines of the G7 summit in Sicily, Trump’s final stop on his nine-day five-stop overseas trip. Cohn had said earlier in the week that Trump was “looking at” the issue of Russia sanctions and that the White House did not yet have a position. That statement startled many in Pindostan as well as vassals in Europe who have been wary of Russian aggression in Ukraine and concerned about Trump’s conciliatory attitude toward Moscow and Putin. Cohn apologized Friday for the confusion, saying:

I should have just been much clearer.

There was anger among NATO vassals in the wake of their Thursday summit in Brussels when Trump sidestepped a reaffirmation of the organization’s mutual defense clause.

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