it seems cia have lost khalifa haftar entirely to the russians

Egypt and Russia discuss fight against ‘terror’
AFP, May 29 2017

CAIRO – General Sisi on Monday held talks in Cairo with Russia’s defense & foreign ministers, Lavrov & Shoigu, on ways to battle terrorism, his office said. A statement said the talks focused on the struggle against terrorism and bilateral cooperation. Lavrov earlier discussed the situation in Libya with Egyptian foreign minister Shoukry, the foreign ministry in Cairo said. On Friday, Egypt bombed militant training camps in eastern Libya after masked gunmen killed 29 Copts in central Egypt in an attack later claimed by Daesh. Forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar, which also took part in the strikes, said they hit a pro-AQ group in Derna. Shoukry said after the meeting:

We hope Russia will do all it can so we can work together to eliminate terrorism. We hope to continue in close coordination with Russia, as part of political cooperation … but also security and intelligence cooperation, to eliminate this phenomenon. The presence (in Libya) of terrorists and training camps that serve as departure points towards Egyptian territory is a direct threat to Egypt’s national security.

The Egyptian presidency said the meetings earlier “agreed on the importance of uniting international efforts in the battle against terrorism” and to step up their cooperation to meet that goal. A statement said Sisi told the Russian ministers that Cairo wants to bolster “economic, commercial and industrial ties” with Moscow. Russia suspended all its flights to Egypt in Oct 2015 after Daesh claimed the shootdown of a Russian airliner flying from Sharm el-Sheikh, killing 228. Monday’s talks also focused on the conflict in Syria. Shoukry praised Russia’s role in the success of the Astana talks in Kazakhstan aimed at peace in Syria, and said he hoped they would lead to a total ceasefire, his office said. Earlier this month, Russia, Iran and Turkey signed a landmark deal to create four “de-escalation” zones across some of Syria’s bloodiest battlegrounds. Lavrov also met Arab League head, the 22-member bloc said in a statement. His visit to Cairo had been planned for weeks as part of regular meetings between the allied countries.


  1. George R King
    Posted May 30, 2017 at 7:01 am | Permalink

    We could see this coming as early as November 2015, “Putin out maneuvers creators and supporters of ISIS, declares war under UN Charter rights to strike ISIS and their supporters anywhere anytime”.

    Putin: “We must do this without any statute of limitations and we must find out all their names”, while invoking Russia’s right to self-defense under the United Nations charter. Anyone who tries to help the criminals should know that the consequences for trying to shelter them will lie completely on their shoulders.”

    Haftar visits aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov on January 11, 2016, when it was off the coast of Tobruk on its way back to Severomorsk. The aircraft carrier operated in the Mediterranean as part of Russia’s active involvement in the Syrian crisis.

    Moscow views Haftar as a main power factor whom it can cultivate while also mocking the European countries, which gambled on the wrong horse.

    Russia is prepared to give Haftar’s army military and logistical aid in bases in eastern Libya as part of his struggle against the Islamic terror organizations.

  2. George R King
    Posted May 30, 2017 at 7:07 am | Permalink

    It also signaled that Russia intends to expand its naval presence in the Mediterranean, beyond its Tartus base in Syria, in the direction of North Africa and the Libyan ports of Benghazi and Tobruk.

  3. George R King
    Posted May 30, 2017 at 7:33 am | Permalink

    Looking at a map one can sense the tightening squeeze geographically from all directions on Suadi Arabia (and oil transport) and cutting off the flood of the hordes out of Africa to Europe. Two events stand out here that has played well against the Global Zog brought by their own overplayed hand. Syria, Libya and of course Egypt. We know Ukraine is a dead horse and with Trump declining to acknowledge Article V of NATO this week the EU is in shambles with no clothes.

    Russia and China are not out of the woods just yet but…………………

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