walnuts might just be roadkill, or maybe landfill

Walnuts: Russia is a Bigger Threat Than ISIS
The_Real_Fly, May 29 2017

Writing about WalnutsMcCain is like writing about Maxine Waters. Both are disconnected from reality, crooked as the day is long. Both have an agenda that runs counter to the goals of ordinary Pindo plebs. In this case, McCain clearly has an agenda in the Ukraine. He panders to them and uses their internal struggles vs Moscow to foment anti-Russian rhetoric in Pindostan. How many grunts have the Russians killed over the past 10 years? How many public beheadings have the Russians undertaken and how much clay have they taken from Iraq and Syria? Even suggesting that Russia is a greater threat than Daesh is absurd. But, this is John ‘Fucking’ McCain, so don’t expect normal to come out of his mouth. Towards the end of this clip, McCain incredulously incredibly states that Comey investigated Hillary based upon as a result of ‘fake news’ disseminated by the Russians. What part of Hillary’s unprotected email server and destruction of evidence fake news? Moreover, how was acting AG Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac for a secret 30-minute meeting fake news? According to the WaPo, the prime driver behind Comey closing the Hillary investigation was because he had received a fake document stating that Lynch told a Clinton staffer that the investigation wouldn’t go too far, not to worry.

Former FBI Director James Comey’s investigation into Hillary Clinton was shaped by a bogus Russian document, according to a new WaPo report. A phony Russian document influenced the way the FBI handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s server, according to the WaPo. During the middle of the 2016 presidential primary season, the bureau received a purported Russian intelligence document detailing an implicit deal between Clinton’s campaign and the DoJ regarding the inquiry into her private email server, the paper said. The document, obtained by the FBI, described how then A-G Loretta Lynch had privately assured a Clinton campaign member that the email investigation would not go too far, the WaPo reported. Receipt of the document then allegedly helped influence the July decision by Comey to announce on his own, without the DoJ’s involvement, that the investigation into Clinton was finished and that no charges against Clinton would be forthcoming. The public announcement set off an uproar on both sides of the political spectrum. According to the WaPo, the FBI later determined that the document was illegitimate. It may have been a fake sent to confuse the bureau, people familiar with its contents told the paper. The Pindosis mentioned in a purported email exchange in the document have since insisted that they don’t know each other, don’t speak to one another and never had conversations like those detailed in the document. By August, the month after Comey’s public announcement, the FBI had concluded that the document was bogus, the WaPo said.

Walnuts McCain Warns The World: “Democracy-Destroying” Russia Is Bigger Threat Than “Terrible ISIS”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, May 29 2017

While visiting Australia, outspoken warmonger Walnuts McCain told ABC TV that Russia is a bigger security threat than Daesh, based on its willingness to challenge the democratic foundations of Pindostan by interfering in elections. The visit to Australia by the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee was part of an Asia tour to outline a blueprint for Pindostan to invest nearly $8b bulking up its military presence in the region by upgrading infrastructure, conducting additional exercises and deploying more forces and ships. Walnuts’ visit also was aimed at reassuring allies regarding willingness to remain engaged in Asia, both as a check against China’s increasing assertiveness in the South China Sea and on North Korea’s nuclear program. As the WSJ reports, Walnuts, who was in Australia to discuss Asia-Pacific security issues, said Pres Putin was the “premier” challenge to Pindo security. He told Australian ABC state television Monday:

I think Daesh can do terrible things and I worry a lot about what is happening with the Muslim faith. But it’s the Russians who tried to destroy the very fundamental of democracy, and that is to change the outcome of a Pindo election.

It seems the arch-neocon just cannot get his story straight, as McCain recently retracted the assertion that the controversy had reached “Watergate size and scale,” admitting he had seen no evidence that Russia had succeeded in swaying the election process, yet he said on Monday:

But they tried and they are still trying.

So just to clarify, Russians are worse than lawless terrorists killing hundreds of people (including 8-year-old girls) in the name of their god, paid for by the Thanis & the Toads? Far be it from us to judge, but perhaps Walnuts needs a perspective transplant, and stop saying utterly ridiculous things. However, Walnuts was not done with his fearmongery. After North Korea fired another (short-range) ballistic missile off its east coast on Monday, Walnuts said that unless something was done to restrain Pyongyang’s ambitions, the crisis could parallel the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

What’s the best and easiest way? Obviously, the Chinese, because the Chinese control basically the NK. We have to explain to the Chinese how this is a vital issue. We need their help and cooperation.

We are sure somehow NK is also Russia’s fault?

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