it’s a bit icky, but it’s a story nonetheless in these sad days

Kathy Griffin Apologizes For Video Of Beheaded Trump
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, May 30 2017

Having been destroyed by the left, the right and everyone in between, it seems ‘comic’ Kathy Griffin (most famous for presenting the New Year’s Eve countdown) has decided to apologize for her video where she is seen holding the head of the president, which is slathered in fake blood. And if anyone on ‘the left’ who has proclaimed with violence how ‘hate speech’ is not ‘free speech’ tries to defend this, it merely highlights just how low they will stoop into the hell of self-delusion to avoid facing the reality that Trump “is your president” whether you like it or not. In footage of the shoot, Griffin is seen joking that she and Shields will have to flee the country once it gets out. She says:

We have to move to Mexico today, because we’re gonna go to prison. Federal prison. Call your dad, apologize, then lets you go to Mexico because we’re not surviving this.

She’s seen in the footage lifting the grisly ‘head’ out of a metal bowl, then rotating it towards the camera until it hits a spot that Shields likes. Finally, at Shields’ demand, she drops it to the ground.

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