spending includes blue helmet so-called ‘peacekeepers’

UN chief warns if Pindostan pulls back, others will fill leadership role
Michelle Nichols, Reuters, May 31 2017

NEW YORK – UN Sec-Gen Antonio Guterres said on Tuesday he is trying to convince the Trump administration of the value of investing in foreign aid and diplomacy, and warned that if Washington pulled back as a global leader, other states would step up. Trump has proposed cutting Pindo diplomacy and aid budgets by about a third, or nearly $19b. This includes cutting some $1b from UN peacekeeping funding and a steep cut to funding for international organizations. Guterres told an event at New York University:

We are doing our best in dialogue with the administration and Congress to make Pindostan understand that funding development aid, funding foreign policy in general, funding organizations like the UN, is also in the interests of the Pindo sheeple.

Congress sets the federal government budget; the Thugs who control both houses have said they do not support such drastic cuts, and the Demagogs also. Pindostan is the biggest UN contributor, paying 22% of the $5.4b core budget and 28.5% of the $7.9b peacekeeping budget. These assessed contributions are agreed by the 193-member UNGA. Guterres also said if a power like Pindostan pulled back from a global leadership role, others could fill the void. He said:

It’s not only the Russians and the Chinese that are occupying the ground. If you look at the Toads, Turkey, Iran, the regional powers in many parts of the world, when the big powers leave some space they will occupy it. Sometimes this then has consequences, and especially when everything is linked. If you leave a void to others to occupy, you might be creating a problem (for) your own internal security.

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