if she’d been this good first time, said lisa goldman on the 26th, i’d have supported her (but of course i supported bernie until it was time not to)

Hillary Blames DNC, NYT, “1,000 Russian Agents,” Comey And WikiLeaks
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, May 31 2017

Earlier today Hillary Clinton offered up what must be one of the most delusional interviews of all time at Recode’s CodeCon conference, in which she blamed everything and everyone, including but certainly not limited to: FBI Director Comey, “thousands of Russian agents,” right-wing media outlets, Russia, sexism, WikiLeaks, Russia, a funding deficit at the DNC, the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, the NYT (yes, the NYT) and of course Russia, for her 2016 election loss. And while she certainly “takes responsibility” for every decision she made, Hillary desperately wants you to understand that’s not why she lost, because, you know, Russia.

I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that’s not why I lost.

Of course, in all of her rambling, Hillary never offered up a viable conclusion on why “Russian hackers” were only able to sway voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania but not in places like Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado, states where anti-Russian tinfoil must be impervious. The following tweet pretty much sums up the interview.

Here are some of the details: Starting with the Russia narrative, Hillary would like for you to know that Putin’s primary goal is to topple Pindostan. Moreover, it’s almost certain that he colluded directly with Trump in this effort, because how else could Russian agents possibly know that Pindostanis might like to better understand Hillary’s efforts to collude with the DNC to undermine the campaign of her competitor or how she used TV personalities to steal debate questions in advance … Please! That kind of insight could only come from Trump himself!

It’s important that Pindostanis … understand that Putin wants to bring us down! He’s an old KGB agent! We saw evidence of it, and we could track it, but they were shooed away. The Russians are increasingly … launching cyber-attacks. A lot of the information they’ve stolen they use for internal purposes. So this was different because they went public. That was the conclusion. I think it’s fair to ask how did that actually influence the campaign and how did they know what messages to deliver. Who told them? Who were they coordinating with or colluding with? I’m leaning Trump. Within one hour of the Access Hollywood tapes being leaked, the Russians or say Wikileaks, same thing, dumped the John Podesta emails. The Russians in my opinion could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been guided by Pindstanis.

Ironically, even though ‘Russia’ somehow used her emails to undermine her entire campaign, the content of her emails “was the biggest nothingburger ever.”

My email account was turned into the biggest scandal since Lord knows when. And, you know, in the book I’m just using everything that anybody else said about it besides me to basically say this was the biggest nothing-burger ever. It was a mistake. I’ve said it was a mistake, and obviously if I could turn the clock back I wouldn’t have done it in the first place. But the way that it was used was very damaging.

Moreover, even though most of the stories that we and other media outlets covered came directly from the DNC’s and John Podesta’s own emails, Hillary would like for you to know that it was all “fake news” just like it was “fake news” when Donna Brazile told everyone that she didn’t share debate questions with Hillary.

They were run of the mill emails. Stuff that were so common. Within one hour they dumped them and then began to weaponize them. They had their allies like Infowars say the most outlandish, absurd lies you could imagine. They had to be ready for that. That really influenced the information people were relying on. If you look at Facebook the vast majority of the news items posted were fake. They were connected to, as we now know, the thousand Russian agents … They were connected to the bots. It was such a new experience. I understand why people on Facebook would think “Oh! Hillary Clinton did that! I didn’t know that!” Fake news …lies! That’s a good word too! The other side was using content that was just flat out false and delivering it in a very personalized way. Above the radar screen and below.

Meanwhile, Hillary seems to still believe CNN’s report that Comey was duped into re-opening her email investigation on Oct 28 by a “classic piece of Russian disinformation,” a report that CNN has already retracted and we proved was pure “fake news” at it’s finest (voir voici).

We know it hurt us, as I explain in my book, the Comey letter which was now we know partly based on a false memo from the Russians. It was a classic piece of Russian disinformation. So for whatever reason, he dumps that on me on Oct 28 and I immediately start falling.

Moreover, despite what you may remember from that original Comey press conference last summer, Hillary wants you to know that she was “very responsible and not at all careless” when it came to the handling of her State Dept emails.

Well, if you went all the way back, doing things that others have done before was no longer acceptable. I didn’t break any rule nobody said don’t do this. I was very responsible and not at all careless. You end up with a situation that was exploited.

Which we believe is somewhat contradictory to the FBI’s finding … but it’s hard to tell..you be the judge:

Meanwhile, despite pretty much every major media outlet except Fox News, dedicating their networks to cheerleading for the Hillary Clinton campaign, Hillary was also convinced that she lost because CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NYT, WaPo etc etc etc are not as “effective” as the “media forces on the Thug side” or Russian propaganda for that matter. Apparently RT’s YouTube channel has greater reach and more influence than virtually every paper of record in Pindostan.

Here’s a really telling statistic that has been validated. I had this old-fashioned idea that it would matter what I would do as president. We had a great tech program and a really good set of policies. In 2008 which as the last time you had a contested election, the policies put forth by Pres Obama, Sen McCain got 222 minutes of airtime. In 2016 despite my best efforts, we got 32 minutes, total, over 18 months. Media forces on the Republican side are entrenched and very effective. They’re beginning to call the shots on those local stations. Local TV is still incredibly powerful.

Again, this twitter user summarized Hillary’s media delusions well:

Oh, and she also lost because of sexism.

I have been on many speaking platforms with many men who are in office or running for office. And the crowd gets you going and I watch my male counterparts and they beat the podium and they yell and the crowd loves it. I have tried that and it’s been less than successful.

…and because she got pizzaid for some Goldman speeches

Men got paid for the speeches they made…I got paid for the speeches I made. I have to say, Walt, I never thought someone would throw out my entire career … because I made a couple of speeches.

But, if there was one silver lining in today’s interview, perhaps it came when Hillary confirmed that she’s not running for President ever again. With the CodeCon scapegoat extravaganza all but assuring that Hillary will go for the trifecta in 2020, that was the only real “fake news” today.

Tucker Carlson Discusses Hillary’s Recent Russian Conspiracy Theories
The_Real_Fly, May 31 2017

Ever since the election, the Demagogs and establishment Thugs have been ‘investigating’ Russian ties to Trump and how that all led to John Podesta’s email box to be hacked into, which of course led to Hillary Clinton losing the Presidential election. She lost, not because of her criminality, but because of fake news, obviously. It’s worth noting, in a year of arduous investigations, nothing has been proven to tie Trump to the Russians. Yesterday, Hillary discussed the election, positing questions to the panel regarding RUSSIAN COLLUSION with Trump. She said Trump directed the release of the Podesta emails down to the second, coordinated and directed the fake news media to concoct salacious stories, fueled by the emails, colluding with Russian intelligence to steal the election from her. Here are some of her sweeter moments in the interview, accusing the idiot Giant Orange President of being a criminal mastermind, directing endless schemes and plots to seize the Presidency from her claws. In case you’re just tuning in, you did not reject the DNC establishment candidate and vote for populism because you were sick and tired of the same old corrupt DC bullshit. No, you voted for Trump because of the Russians, the ultimate king-makers, coerced into the decision via a series of psyops programs coordinated with Trump, to brainwash people into believing she was not a trustworthy candidate. Holy shit! Hillary has lost her mind. Tucker (examines) some of her sweeter moments in the interview, accusing the idiot Giant Orange President of being a criminal mastermind, directing endless schemes and plots to seize the Presidency from her claws. The emails were giant ‘nothing-burgers’ that were attained by an evil genius criminal mastermind named Donald Trump, with the help of the inherently evil Vlad Putin (how many Pindostanis has Russia killed lately?). She lost thanks to a vast right-wing conspiracy of media shills at the NYT and other publications who wanted to see Trump elected. What? The? Fuck? Notable: Trump is back to ‘Crooked Hillary’ again.

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