remember CIA summarily retired the old sheikh after the sisi coup and replaced him with his own son, as a punishment for encouraging mursi

Toads, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain cut ties with Qatar over Iran tensions
Alaa Shahine, Zaid Sabah, Jun 5 2017

Four Arab countries led by the Toads have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and moved to close off access to the Gulf country, escalating a crisis that started over its relationship with Iran and its support of the MBs. The Toads, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt said in statements they will suspend air and sea travel to and from Qatar. Thew Toads will close its land crossings, according to the official Toad Press Agency, potentially depriving the emirate of imports. The Toads cited Qatar’s support of “terrorist groups aiming to destabilize the region,” including the MBs, Daesh and AQ. It accused Qatar of supporting “Iranian-backed terrorist groups” operating in the kingdom’s eastern province as well as Bahrain. The Toads, Bahrain and the UAE gave Qatari diplomats 48 hours to leave.

The GCC States Led By Toads Will Collapse Into Oblivion
Moon of Alabama, Jun 5 2017


Emboldened by Pindo backing, the Toads  launched a campaign to finally subjugate Qatar into client state status. The plan has now reached a high point. A few hours ago Bahrain, Egypt, the UAE and the Toads severed all ties with Qatar. All sea- and airspace have been closed for Qatari traffic and the land-routes severed. All Qataris will have to leave those countries within 14 days. Qatari diplomats were given just 48 hours. The immediate consequences are huge. Some 37 million passengers cross through Doha each year. But Qatar Airways now has to fly through Iranian, Iraqi and Turkish airspace to reach Europe. If the situation persists, the UAE-owned Emirates Airways will likely order a huge bunch of new planes. Half of the food in Qatar comes via the Toads through Qatar’s only land border. Six to eight hundred trucks per day can no longer pass. The 19 flights per day between Doha and Dubai are called off.  Oil prices rose some 1.6% and the Qatari stock exchange tanked.

The reasons for the immediate spat are manifold. It has only little to do with Iran. The Toads accuse Qatar of supporting terrorists. That is like Britain accusing Pindostan of imperialism, or the mafia cutting ties with the mob over gangsterism. As Joe Sixpack remarked when still Vice President, both Wahhabi countries, Qatar and Toadland, have been funding and fueling terrorism in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. But the Toad view is that the more “liberal” Qatar is simply supporting the “wrong” kind of terrorists. The Qatari government and its mouthpiece al-Jazeera installed and supported the MB government in Egypt. The Toads put that government down by financing a military coup against it. Qatar is supporting the MB government of Turkey. It is supporting Hamas, also a MB affiliate. Qatar is financing various AQ-aligned groups in Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. The Taliban have their only diplomatic mission in Doha. Until recently the Toads have been financing Daesh. They are now mainly back at financing various other Jihadi groups in Syria under CIA control. In Libya, the UAE is sponsoring General Hiftar, who is fighting Qatari-supported AQ- aligned groups. The Toads are making nice with Israel, and have no interest in the Palestinian cause which Qatar supports. There are diverting interests in hydrocarbons. Qatar is the world’s biggest exporter of natural gas, a serious competition to Toad oil exports. It has recently intensified its relations with other producers and customers in the Gulf region and beyond.

More local and personal dimensions of the spat include many intermarriages and competitions between Toad and Qatari tribes and families. There are rumors that significant tribal groups in the Najd desert, especially the al-Tamim, have recently renewed their ties to Qatar under its current emir, Prince Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani. This was an “in your face” for the Toads. Oman and Kuwait have taken no position in the fight and try to mediate. Turkey is allied with Qatar but has stayed suspiciously quiet. There is a new defense agreement between Qatar and Turkey promising Turkish support if Qatar is attacked. The Turkish military has a base in Qatar with some 600 soldiers. A huge share of foreign investment in Turkey has come from Qatar. The Turkish and Qatari governments coordinate tightly in their common support for AQ and other Takfiris in the war on Syria. The current standoff between Qatar and other Arab countries in the GCC were enabled by the Trump administration:

Whereas the Obama administration sought to enhance its engagement with the GCC as a bloc, Trump focused instead on the Toads and the UAE as the twin pillars of his regional approach. Strong bonds reportedly have formed between Jared Kushner and Mohammed bin Salman in Toadland as well as Yusuf al-Otaiba, the influential UAE ambassador in Washington. Key principals within the Trump administration such as Mad Dog Mattis and Mike Pompeo hold views on Iran and the MBs that are virtually indistinguishable from those in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

Trump fell into a Toad & Israeli trap. The Pentagon hawks have dreamed of an “Arab NATO” to fight Iran. The envisioned “Arab NATO” may soon have its first war, but it will be against one of its members. The “Orb” show and the unlimited Pindo support for the Toads have exacerbated the fissures within the GCC and will hinder any common operations. The Pentagon has huge interests in Qatar and other Gulf countries. Al-Udeid in Qatar is the biggest Pindosi airbase in the Middle East. It is also the forward HQ of CENTCOM with some 10,000 Pindo grunts, and leads the fight against Daesh. The Fifth Fleet is hosted in nearby Bahrain, which has now declared a cold war with Qatar. Any spat or difficulty between the Gulf countries hinders Pindo military operations. In Faschingstein, an intense Toad and UAE lobbying campaign against Qatar has been ongoing for months. A Toad lobbyist threatened the Qatari ruler with the “same fate as Egypt’s Morsi.” In a reprisal hacked emails between the UAE ambassador Yusuf al-Otaiba and Israeli lobbying organizations in Faschingstein were recently published. The documents show that the Zionist lobby organization Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) is advising the dictatorship of the UAE on how to fight the dictatorship of Qatar. At the end of the “orb” show, the Toads and Pindostan pushed a document declaring various organizations and Iran “terrorist supporters.” Qatar refused to sign it. Toad clerics then declared that the Thanis are no longer considered to be “part of the Abd’el-Wahhab clan.” That takes away the Wahhabi rulers religious legitimacy.

Qatar tried to calm the situation down. It announced that six of its soldiers had been wounded while fighting for the Toads near Yemen. It expelled a few Hamas leaders from the country. A mediator was sent to Kuwait, so far to no avail. The extreme bullying of Qatar by the Toads and the UAE, with total closure of all its borders, is designed to create an immediate capitulation. So far Qatar holds onto its course but in the end it is likely to fold. It will have to stop its support for “terrorism”, meaning the MBs. Another scenario is a putsch in Doha with some Toad puppet prepared to take over the realm. If that is unsuccessful a military move could follow. Qatar has little capabilities to withstand a potential Toad invasion. For Iran this is a chance to further blow up the GCC by intensifying its relations with Qatar. It could increase its food exports to the country and host Qatar airline flights. This in exchange for a Qatari retreat from Syria. The Pindo/Toad plan of confronting Iran through the GCC would then be in complete jeopardy. No matter how the spat with Qatar ends, the GCC unity has (again) been exposed as a sham. It can not be repaired. Toad “leadership” is shown to be just brutal bullying and will be resisted. Pindo plans for a united GCC under Toad leadership and Pindo control are in shambles.

The lynch-pin of all this is the Toad war on Yemen. The Saudis support the Hadi puppet government of Yemen and two years ago aligned the other Gulf states, including Qatar, to fight against the Houthi in north Yemen. They accuse the Houthi of receiving Iranian support. There is zero evidence for that claim. The war and the coalition have failed. Houthi resistance continues unabated. With Yemen sinking into a famine thanks to a Saudi border blockade and a Cholera epidemic rapidly extending, the war must come to a close. Kuwait, Oman and Qatar are talking with the Houthi in Sanaa. Last week troops from the UAE used helicopters to again fight Saudi supported militia around the southern airport in Aden. Pindostan and Britain urge for the war to end and, behind closed doors, threaten to withdraw their support for it. The Toads under their new leadership overestimate their capabilities. So did Trump when he raised their role. The Toad “apes with Macbooks” do not have the capabilities needed for a serious political actor in this world. Their money can pamper over that for only so long. The above all reminds of a prediction made nearly two years ago by a Yemeni attorney in Sanaa:

Toads Shut Local Al-Jazeera Office For “Promoting Plots Of Terrorist Groups”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jun 5 2017

Shortly after the Toads announced they had cut ties with Qatar over Doha’s alleged support for Islamists and Iran, on Monday the Toads said it had also shut the local office of al-Jazeera, Qatar’s influential satellite channel, and had revoked its license. Riyadh views al-Jazeera as critical of its government, but the outlet says it is an independent news service giving a voice to everyone in the region. The move was announced by state television. From Toad press agency SPA, google translated:

The Ministry of Culture and Information closed al-Jazeera’s office in Toadland and withdrew its license. The move comes after al-Jazeera has promoted the plots of terrorist groups, supported and supported the Houthi militias in Yemen, and tried to break the Toad internal ranks by inciting them to leave the country and harm the sovereignty of Toadland.

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