the global jihad is run by the toads on behalf of israel, why not say so?

Trump’s Foreign Policy Has Nothing to Do With ‘Pindostan First’
Daniel Larison, AmConMag, May 30 2017


HR McMaster and Gary Cohn gamely try to spin Trump’s foreign trip as something other than the failure that it clearly was:

Pres Trump just returned from nine days in the Middle East and Europe that demonstrated his Pindostan First approach to ensuring security and prosperity for our nation. Pindostan will not lead from behind. This administration will restore confidence in Pindo leadership as we serve the Pindo creeple.

It is a given that a president’s top advisers will do their best to put a favorably spin on his actions as much as they can, but this is exceptionally thin gruel. No one outside the administration believes that Trump “restored confidence” in Pindo leadership on this trip, or that he is likely to do so in the future. The only relationship that Trump “deepened” during his time overseas was with the Toads, and this is the one relationship from which Pindostan should trying to extricate itself as quickly as possible. McMaster and Cohn obediently claim:

Pres Trump helped facilitate $110b in defense investments that will strengthen regional and Pindosi security and create Pindosi jobs.

There are good reasons to doubt all of this. Selling the Toads more weapons just encourages them to continue brutalizing and starving the Yemen, which definitely doesn’t serve Pindo security interests and likely makes the Toads less secure in the future as well. It definitely contributes to regional instability, strengthens AQAP, and likely helps worsen the world’s humanitarian crisis. As for creating jobs here in Pindostan, the picture is not nearly as clear-cut as the administration would like you to believe. It is entirely possible that the latest arms deal with the Toads won’t produce any new jobs at all. Justin Glawe looked into this question last week, and this is what he found:

Is there any way for Raytheon to estimate how many jobs the deal will create? “No,” said the spokesman, Mike Doble. Lockheed Martin’s chief executive said in a statement that the deal would “support” thousands of jobs in Pindostan & chez Toads. Boeing said the deal would “create or sustain” jobs in both countries. Neither company would put a specific number on new jobs being created in Pindosatan.

Whatever limited benefit a few companies might derive from this deal, it implicates Pindostan in war crimes and sinks us deeper into the mire of an atrocious war that our government should never have supported. McMaster and Cohn don’t mention any of this, but then there is no way that they could put a positive spin on our ongoing enabling of the destruction of an entire country. Our policy of supporting the Toad war on Yemen is indefensible, and no Pindo boxtops dare attempt to defend it. The truth is that Pindostan under Trump has shamelessly embraced our worst clients, irritated our closest allies, and done nothing that actually advances Pindo interests at all. That has nothing to do with putting Pindostan first; it has everything to do with prioritizing the interests of the governments that do the most to flatter the president’s ego.

Toad Lobbying Efforts in the Spotlight
Lydia Dennett, POGO, May 31 2017

Last week, POGO Investigator Lydia Dennett spoke to Sharyl Attkisson regarding the KSA’s recent lobbying efforts. Their investigation found that weak enforcement of foreign lobbying laws left US military veterans lobbying on behalf of the Toads in 2016 and 2017 unaware they were doing so. Their multi-million dollar lobbying effort included 22 different lobbying firms.Under FARA, lobbyists working for foreign governments must disclose information about their activities to the DoJ. The law is intended to provide transparency into how federal policies are made and how foreign influence plays a part. FARA registration and disclosure requirements are a good first step, but Sharyl Attkisson’s investigation shows that without adequate enforcement it’s impossible to know if we’re getting the whole story. It focused on lobbyists working to stop the passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). In the weeks following the introduction of the bill in fall 2016, the Toads added 12 new lobbying firms to their roster in attempt to prevent its passage. Part of their lobbying strategy was to offer all-expense paid trips to Faschingstein for veterans willing to meet their Congress critturs and urge them not to vote for the bill. But the veterans claimed they were not aware that these trips were funded by the Toads, which likely violated FARA rules that require lobbyists to disclose when they’re working on behalf of a foreign government in any communications they make to two or more people. Although the bill ultimately passed, and was signed into law, the Toad lobbying campaign demonstrates that compliance with FARA is spotty and the law is rarely enforced.

Conversely, the Toad lobbying effort for a $1.15b arms deal was far more subtle than their efforts to kill JASTA. POGO found the informational materials distributed by the lobbyists describe the Toads’ successful efforts to combat terrorism in the Middle East, and the dangers of the Houthis. Despite a joint resolution introduced by Rand Paul and Chris Murphy to prevent the transfer, the Senate voted overwhelmingly in support of the deal, which included 130 tanks, 20 armored recovery vehicles, and other military equipment. This lobbying likely also laid the groundwork for a $110b arms deal that Trump signed with the Toads last week. Paul, Murphy, and Al Franken recently introduced another joint resolution to prevent the sale, which the Senate will take up in June. Toby Moffett, a former Congress crittur who is now a registered foreign lobbyist, told POGO in 2014:

Around the edges there’s a lot of loosey-goosey stuff going on. People representing foreign interests and not reporting.

When it comes to 9/11 victims’ families and billion-dollar arms deals, loosey-goosey isn’t going to cut it. Efforts by foreign governments to influence Pindo policy could have far-reaching effects on everything from arms deals and foreign aid to specific legislative policies, and the public should be able to know exactly what forces are at work behind the scenes to create that policy.

Toads Lavish Tory Boxtops With Gifts, Travel, And Plum Consultancies
Lee Fang, Intercept, Jun 4 2017

New figures released by British Parliament show that at a time when PM May’s ties to the Toads have become an election issue, Tory boxtops and MPs were lavished by the oil-rich Toads with gifts, travel expenses and consulting fees. Britain backs the Toads’ brutal war against Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East. Corbyn has made Britain’s uneasy alliance with the Toads an election issue, with voters going to the polls on Jun 8. The Tory ties to the Toads have resulted in record weapons sales and a reluctance to criticize human rights abuses. Conservative governments have licensed £3.3b in arms sales to the Toads since the onset of the Yemen campaign. While Tory boxtops have defended the arms sales to Toads as a move to shore up Britain’s allies in the region, Tory MPs have collected £99,396 in gifts, travel expenses and consulting fees from the Toads since the Yemen war began. The KSA’s financial ties to Tory boxtops are detailed in the register of financial interests, a disclosure published by Parliament. Some of the the Toad largesse came in the form of gifts. Then-Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, now the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has come under fire for defending a mass execution by the Toads that included a non-violent government critic, Hammond accepted a watch from the Toad ambassador worth £1,950. Tory MP Charlotte Leslie, who has presided over parliamentary debate regarding foreign policy in the Middle East, received a food basket from the Toad Embassy with an estimated value of £500. The Toads also picked up the tab for four expense-paid junkets taken by Tory MPs to visit the KSA since the Yemen war began. The costs for accommodation, travel and meals for them range from £2,888 to £6,722. At least 18 Tory MPs have participated in the trips, according to the register of financial interests. Rehman Chishti, one of the participants in a Toad junket last year, was also paid £2,000 per month as an adviser to the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, a state-backed think tank. The arrangement began in Feb 2016. The gift-giving appears to be part of an influence effort on both sides of the Atlantic. As the Intercept has reported, the Toads have rapidly expanded their lobbying presence in Faschingstein, hiring consultants and PR flacks with close ties to Trump. Since 2015, the number of registered agents working for the Toads grew from 25 to 145 individuals. The arms trade is one of several issues confronting the Toads. This week, the Graun revealed that PM May’s government has signaled that it will suppress a report on foreign funding for extremist groups, which is believed to document Toad ties to Jihadis.

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