the social fascists continue to agitate

Demagogs step up campaign on White House-Russia ties
Barry Grey, WSWS, Jun 5 2017

The Demagog Party and its media allies have seized on the fallout from Pres Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord to step up their campaign against the White House, charging it with collusion in alleged Kremlin interference in the election. Virtually all of the critical commentary on Trump’s decision to pull out of the climate agreement has focused on its detrimental impact on the global geostrategic interests of Pindo imperialism, with particular emphasis on the likelihood of increased Russian and Chinese influence in Europe and Asia. These concerns have intensified the foreign policy conflict at the heart of the political warfare over alleged Trump “softness” toward Russia that has gripped Faschingstein for the past ten months and dominated the first months of the Trump administration. In this conflict, the Demagog Party and the bulk of the establishment media are allied with the dominant factions of the intelligence apparatus, which are opposed to Trump’s expressed desire to move away from the aggressive and provocative policy of the Obama administration toward Russia, in order to focus more directly on the diplomatic and military offensive against China. The Demagogs have relentlessly pushed the Trump-Russia story line, despite the absence of any substantive evidence that Moscow interfered in the election to damage Clinton and aid Trump. With Senate testimony scheduled this week from Comey, the series of congressional and FBI probes may be reaching a turning point. On Saturday, both the NYT and the WaPo, which have been spearheading the media campaign against Trump, published lead editorials on the investigations into supposed Trump-Russia collusion. The NYT piece, entitled “The Problem With Jared Kushner,” sought to stoke up allegations that Trump’s son-in-law and closest adviser held illicit, if not treasonous, discussions with Russian officials during the election campaign and postelection transition period. The editorial concluded with a call for Kushner to resign his White House post. The WaPo denounced attempts by Trump and Thug Congress critturs to change the narrative by focusing on Obama boxtops’ unmasking of Pindosis caught up in surveillance of overseas communications, declaring:

It’s about Mr Trump’s ill-explained and gratuitous attempts during the transition and since to do the bidding of Pres Putin, including trying to unwind the sanctions against Russia imposed by Pres Obama after the election meddling was discovered … The ‘big story’ is why Mr Trump has frantically attempted to shut down the Russia investigations, including through the firing of James Comey.

The NYT editorial pages also featured a column by Susan Rice, denouncing Trump for pulling out of the TPP, undermining NATO and withdrawing from the Paris accord, calling these moves “a whole lot of winning for Russia and China.” In the piece, she questioned whether Faschingstein would be able to rely on its Western allies should China take “aggressive action in the South China Sea, threatening our Asian vassal as well as our own freedom of navigation.” The Sunday interview programs all began with the latest terror attack in Britain and quickly pivoted to the investigations of the Trump administration. Rice, interviewed on the ABC News This Week, was the most strident in articulating the Demagogs’ McCarthyite-style demonization of Russia. Repeating the litany of unsubstantiated claims and outright lies that have become Demagog gospel, she declared:

Let’s be clear! Russia is an adversary! Russia not only invaded a sovereign country and annexed part of it in Ukraine and Crimea, it’s not only in cahoots with a regime in Syria that uses chemical weapons, it has interfered directly and deliberately at the direction of the highest levels of its government in our democratic process!

She concluded by urging Congress to increase sanctions on Moscow. This effort to whip up anti-Russia sentiment has failed to make any significant headway among broad masses of the Pindo creeple. Its main impact is within the privileged upper-middle-class social layers that have become the primary base of the Demagog Party. These layers, defined by the media as “left” or “liberal,” have continued to lurch to the right, obsessively promoting the identity politics peddled by the Demagogs while moving fully into the imperialist camp. On Saturday, a number of organizations in and around the Demagog Party held a so-called “March for Truth” to prosecute the anti-Russian, anti-Trump campaign. Sponsored by groups such as, Swing Left, Rock the Vote, Progressive Demagogs of Pindostan and the NOW, the event, with a rally in Faschingstein and satellite protests around the country, drew very few participants. The extensive media coverage was wildly out of proportion to the sparse turnout. The NYT reported “several dozen demonstrators in Faschingstein,” while NPR reported “roughly 1,000” in Faschingstein and “hundreds in New York.” The main demand was for an independent commission to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia, along the lines of the 9/11 Commission. The tenor of the event was summed up in the remarks of NOW president Terry O’Neill, who spoke of a “hostile foreign government” having “installed a puppet as POTUS.” The Nation enthusiastically promoted the event, prominently posting an article on its website last Wednesday with the headline :

Pindosis Are Taking to the Streets to Demand the Truth on Trump and Russia.

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