(jewish) state laughter

Death in June – State laughter (The guilty have no pride, 1983)

“Living in my memory
Faint footsteps call it seems
Where the shadows wait
And the red tears seep
From the holes in the wall
From the holes in the wall

Our distant youth
Like flowers bloom
State laughter
For all of you
But the petals fall
The petals fall

Though now the storm has passed
I lie beneath this cold gray earth
And my screams are silent
Only silent

Take it away
Take it away
Take it away
Take it away

Living in my memory
Faint footsteps call, it seems
Where the shadows wait
And the red tears seep
From the holes in the wall
From the holes in the wall

Those footsteps I do hear
And in anguish wait
For release a hand to take
From this cold gray earth
From this cold gray earth

Take it away
Take it away
Take it away
Take it away”

Dems Become The ‘No’ Party As Support For Infrastructure Bill And Debt Increase Wanes
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jun 6 2017

Amid all of the Trump controversies (some real and some imagined) and typical Faschingstein party bickering, until recently there were two issues where the new administration enjoyed some level of bipartisan support in Congress: infrastructure spending and debt ceiling increases. That said, as we pointed out yesterday (see “Demagogs Plot Debt Ceiling Fight And Government Shut Down To Thwart Trump Tax Cuts“), the Demagogs have already started to publicly back away from a “clean” debt ceiling increase, an issue they repeatedly argued vehemently in favor of during the Obama years. Now, it also looks as though increased infrastructure spending, typically a liberal fun bag of taxpayer-funded handouts to overpaid public contractors, is also starting to lose support from Demagogs. Per The Hill:

Infrastructure legislation has long been billed as one of the few things that could receive broad bipartisan support this Congress, with Trump at one point calling Demagogs “desperate” for such an initiative. But Trump’s sinking approval ratings, his polarizing tweets and his administration’s move to block oversight requests from the minority party have further eroded Democrats’ appetite to work with the president on one of his chief campaign promises. “The president doesn’t make it any easier on himself,” said Demagog strategist Brad Bannon. “He’s going to have a hard time getting Demagog votes.” The White House formally launched its $1t infrastructure push this week with a string of events aimed at ramping up support.

Shocking, we know. The crux of the Demagogs’ ‘concerns’, in addition to a natural predisposition to oppose everything that comes out of the White House, is centered around plans to privatize certain components of infrastructure spending. After all, why return power to ordinary Pindostanis, when Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can allocate taxpayer money so much more efficiently? Pelosi said in a statement:

Trump’s ‘infrastructure week’ appears to be little more than a Trojan Horse for undermining workers’ wages and handing massive tax breaks to billionaires and corporations. Trump’s ideas for privatizing Air Traffic Control, which recycle a tired Thug plan that both sides of the aisle have rejected, would hand control of one of our nation’s most important public assets to special interests and the big airlines.

Schumer took to the Senate floor to bash the plan, while his office blasted out a fact sheet seeking to rebut claims that the administration has made about efforts to upgrade the country’s infrastructure. Schumer said:

Privatization, whether it’s for the construction of roads and bridges or in aviation, often leaves the average Pindostani with the fuzzy end of the lollipop and gives big corporations way too much power. If this week is all about privatization, it will be another broken promise that Pres Trump made to the working people of Pindostan. A private-sector-driven infrastructure plan means tolls, tolls, tolls, paid by average working Pindostanis.

Luckily, while Pelosi and Schumer are forced to create policy-based excuses to justify their hypocrisy, Demagog strategist Brad Bannon offered up an alternative explanation for Demagogs’ recent opposition to things they’ve previously supported which we suspect is somewhat closer to the truth, namely they simply don’t want to work with Trump.

The reality is, it’s hard to convince anybody to do anything when you have a 36% job approval rating, because no one fears you. If Demagogs win in Georgia 6, it’s going to be a lot harder for the president to get them to go along with anything.

And, just like that, a new opposition party has officially arrived.

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