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Reality talked of ‘standing’ with Iran in hypothetical war with Pindostan
Alex Lockie, Business Insider, Jun 6 2017

Reality Winner, the 25-year-old USAF veteran and federal contractor being charged with espionage on suspicion of leaking a top-secret NSA document to The Intercept, had apparently been vocal about opposing Pres Trump and said she would “stand” with Iran in a hypothetical war with Pindostan. Winner publicly offered support to Iran after Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted a video defending Iran’s ballistic-missile program. Replying to Zarif’s video on Feb 7, Winner tweeted:

There are many Pindostanis protesting Pindo govt aggression towards Iran. If our Tangerine in Chief declares war, we stand with you!

In another tweet she described Trump as an “orange fascist.” At least eight times, Winner retweeted a picture of a young girl with Trump-like hair and a long red tie with the hashtag “#largerhands.” Under the Espionage Act, Winner faces up to 10 years in prison.

NSA contractor charged with leaking report on election hacking
Patrick Martin, WSWS, Jun 7 2017

A 25-year-old contractor for the NSA, Reality Leigh Winner, was arrested Monday and charged with leaking a top-secret NSA document to the Intercept. The arrest came barely an hour after the online publication posted an account of an NSA report sent in anonymously, summarizing NSA findings about alleged Russian hacking during the 2016 US elections. The circumstances of the document being leaked to the Intercept and the leaker being arrested on the day of publication are extremely murky, even suspicious. Press accounts suggest that efforts by Intercept reporters to confirm the authenticity of the document in effect tipped off the FBI and NSA to the fact of the leak, and they quickly traced it to Winner, who had made little effort at concealment. Intercept reporters told an intelligence contact that the document had been mailed with an Augusta, Georgia postmark and asked him to verify it was genuine. The publication also submitted a copy of the document to the ODNI, announcing the intention to make it public. The ODNI asked for redactions, in effect confirming the document was genuine, and the Intercept agreed to make some of the requested cuts. Subsequently, the FBI had little difficulty tracing Winner, who had worked at Pluribus International, an NSA contractor in Augusta, since leaving the Pindosi military in Dec 2016. She was one of six employees at the Augusta facility who had printed out the document, and the only one who had been in email contact with the Intercept from her own computer. The document posted by the Intercept also apparently had a barely visible marker that indicated the time when and location where it was printed.

The entire investigation lasted only five days. The FBI received the document on Jun 1, interviewed Winner on Jun 3, when she admitted leaking the report, and arrested her on Jun 5. She is now held in the county jail in Lincolnton, Georgia, charged with “removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet,” in violation of the Espionage Act. She faces a prison term of as much as 10 years. According to several press accounts, Winner was a linguist in the USAF for six years, trained in the main languages of Afghanistan and Iran, Pashto, Dari and Farsi, and had held a top-secret security clearance. Her most recent deployment was at Ft Meade, Maryland, the NSA HQ. Her exact work is undisclosed, but likely involved monitoring telecommunications and Internet intercepts from Iran and AfPak. Winner was reportedly upset over Trump’s election and had vented her outrage on Twitter as recently as mid-March. She had subscribed to a podcast from the Intercept where Glenn Greenwald expressed skepticism about Pindosi intelligence agency claims that the Russian government carried out the hacking of the DNC + Podesta in an effort to help Trump win the election. The document Winner leaked adds nothing probative to the campaign waged by the Demagog Party and a section of the military-intelligence apparatus over alleged Russian hacking. Like previous public “findings” by the intelligence agencies, released in October and January, the NSA document only summarizes conclusions reached by NSA analysts, with varying levels of “confidence,” but does not include any of the raw intelligence that would constitute actual evidence. Nevertheless, the Intercept’s article, co-written by Matthew Cole, Richard Esposito, Sam Biddle and Ryan Grim, begins with the provocative statement:

Russian military intelligence executed a cyber-attack on at least one Pindosi voting software supplier and sent spear-phishing emails to more than 100 local election officials just days before last November’s presidential election.

The Intercept has published a number of articles in recent weeks generally supportive of the Demagog Party’s Russia-centered campaign against the Trump administration. The NSA document claims that Russian military intelligence probed a US vendor of software used by voter registration agencies in eight states, using a hacking method of little sophistication, to gain information needed to send spear-phishing emails to dozens of local election agencies, most of them at the county level. These emails purported to come from the vendor, identified in press reports as VR Systems of Florida, and sought to trick employees of the election agencies to click on a word document infected with malware. How many such emails were successful was not clear. The Intercept article, published Jun 5, acknowledges the absence of actual documentation to support the conclusions of the NSA analysis, adding:

A Pindo intelligence officer who declined to be identified cautioned against drawing too big a conclusion from the document because a single analysis is not necessarily definitive.

The bulk of the article rehashes the unsupported assertions by the NSA while noting that none of the alleged hacking targeted facilities where votes were tabulated or had any effect on the outcome of the election. The eight states included California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, but none of the three industrial states that gave Trump his Electoral College victory, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In only one of the states using VR Systems software, North Carolina, was there any software malfunction on Election Day. The registration system failed in Durham, forcing local officials to switch to paper ballots and extend voting hours to accommodate long lines. State election officials said the VR Systems software was not responsible for the problems, which they attributed to user errors, adding that there was no evidence of “any suspicious activity during the 2016 election.” While the substance of Winner’s leak seems less than compelling, the Demagog Party and pro-Demagog media outlets immediately seized on this supposed confirmation of the allegations of Russian hacking in the 2016 elections. The ranking Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, declared Tuesday that the report in the Intercept meant that “we now have verified information” of Russian intervention. “In any other circumstances this would be an earthquake,” she said at the beginning of a committee hearing where DHS Security John Kelly was the main witness. McCaskill pressed Kelly to take steps to protect voting systems in the future. Julian Assange called for public support to Winner in a tweet Monday, saying:

Putin interview shows bogus character of the Pindo media’s anti-Russia campaign
Isaac Finn, WSWS, Jun 6 2017

NBC News broadcast an 11-minute interview with Pres Putin Sunday night, in which host Megyn Kelly repeatedly but unsuccessfully sought to bolster allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 Pindo presidential election. The exclusive interview was part of the debut episode of “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly” and intended as a platform for Kelly to attack Putin for Russian meddling in the election, as part of the campaign to discredit Pres Trump as an agent of Moscow. Only hours before the interview, Kelly attempted to embarrass Putin at the World Economic Forum by demanding he answer allegations of Russian hacking in front of 4,000 attendees, including heads of state. The claims of Russian involvement in the election were based on attributing to Russian intelligence agencies the hacking of emails from the DNC, detailing the party organization’s efforts to promote Clinton over Sanders, as well as the Podesta emails, revealing the text of Clinton’s groveling speeches to Wall Street audiences. No evidence has ever been presented proving a Russian role in the hacking of the emails, delivered anonymously to WikiLeaks, which made them public. Throughout the NBC interview, Putin effectively rebutted the claims put forward by Kelly about Russia’s involvement in hacking the DNC. Putin responded to US intelligence agencies’ assertion of Russian meddling, stating:

They aren’t analyzing the information in its entirety. I haven’t seen, even once, any direct proof of Russian interference in the presidential election.

Kelly had no answer. The Pindo intelligence community has stated almost since the initial hack that sections of the code and IP addresses used by the hackers amount to a smoking gun, proving the involvement of the Russian government. Putin pointed to other plausible explanations including the hacks being carried out by non-government “patriotic hackers” in Russia, or Pindo intelligence agencies that are capable of “shifting the blame onto Russia,” and added:

There is a theory that Kennedy’s assassination was arranged by the Pindosi intelligence services, so if this theory is correct, and that can’t be ruled out, then what could be easier in this day and age than using all the technical means at the disposal of intelligence services [to point] the finger at Russia?

Kelly dismissed Putin’s statement on the Kennedy assassination, referring to it as a “Cold War conspiracy theory.” The irony of rejecting an intelligence agency role in the killing Kennedy as a “conspiracy theory,” while making far more fantastic and unsupported allegations of a complex network linking the Trump administration to Moscow, was apparently lost on her. Putin pointed to the hypocrisy of the Pindo accusations against Russia, noting that it is common knowledge that Pindostan intervenes in elections around the world. He said:

Put your finger anywhere on a map of the world, and everywhere you will hear complaints that Pindo boxtops are interfering in internal election processes.

Kelly responded by citing the ongoing investigation into Jared Kushner for allegedly attempting to set up a secret channel. Putin denied having ever received reports about meetings between Kushner and the Russian ambassador. He elaborated about the current anti-Russia hysteria:

It’s amazing. You created a sensation out of nothing, and out of this sensation you turned it into a weapon of war against the current president.

Throughout the interview, Kelly was completely unable to counter any of Putin’s points and jumped from one unsubstantiated claim to another. Her supposed incriminating evidence about Russian collusion with Trump included a single photograph of Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser who was forced to resign in February, sitting at a table with Putin, and unsupported rumors of the Russian government having information to blackmail Trump with. Kelly’s inability to press Putin effectively was not merely a personal failure, as negative US media reviews of the program suggested. Rather it reflects the completely flimsy factual basis of the anti-Russian campaign as a whole. Significantly, there was almost no reporting in the American media Monday about Kelly’s supposed “scoop” in gaining a face-to-face interview with the Russian president. It is clear that the interview was regarded as a political debacle, about which the less said the better. The ongoing attacks on Trump as a supposed agent of Moscow reflects deep divisions between the Democrats and a section of the Republicans, which wish to continue the Obama administration’s provocative moves against Russia, and the current administration that is attempting to reorient Pindo imperialism to focus more on China. For these sections of the ruling elite, the campaign against Trump as a Russian agent serves a dual purpose of pressuring the current administration and attempting to divert mass anger over Trump’s policies behind a drive for war against Russia.

Demagogs step up campaign on White House-Russia ties
Barry Grey, WSWS, Jun 5 2017

The Demagog Party and its media allies have seized on the fallout from Pres Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord to step up their campaign against the White House, charging it with collusion in alleged Kremlin interference in the 2016 presidential election. Virtually all of the critical commentary on Trump’s decision to pull out of the climate agreement has focused on its detrimental impact on the global geostrategic interests of Pindo imperialism, with particular emphasis on the likelihood of increased Russian and Chinese influence in Europe and Asia. These concerns have intensified the foreign policy conflict at the heart of the political warfare over alleged Trump “softness” toward Russia that has gripped Faschingstein for the past ten months and dominated the first months of the Trump administration. In this conflict, the Demagog Party and the bulk of the establishment media are allied with the dominant factions of the intelligence apparatus, which are opposed to Trump’s expressed desire to move away from the aggressive and provocative policy of the Obama administration toward Russia in order to focus more directly on the diplomatic and military offensive against China. The Demagogs have relentlessly pushed the Trump-Russia story line, despite the absence of any substantive evidence that Moscow interfered in the election to damage Clinton and aid Trump. On Saturday, both the NYT and the WaPo, which have been spearheading the media campaign against Trump, published lead editorials on the investigations into supposed Trump-Russia collusion. The NYT piece, “The Problem With Jared Kushner,” sought to stoke up allegations that Trump’s son-in-law and closest adviser held illicit, if not treasonous, discussions with Russian officials during the election campaign and post-election transition period. The editorial concluded with a call for Kushner to resign his White House post. The WaPo denounced attempts by Trump and congressional Thugs to change the narrative by focusing on Obama officials’ allegedly improper “unmasking” of Pindosis caught up in Pindo surveillance of overseas communications. The WaPo declared:

It’s about Mr Trump’s ill-explained and gratuitous attempts during the transition and since to do the bidding of Pres Putin, including trying to unwind the sanctions against Russia imposed by Pres Obama after the election meddling was discovered. … The ‘big story’ is why Mr Trump has frantically attempted to shut down the Russia investigations, including through the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

The NYT editorial pages also featured a column by Susan Rice, denouncing Trump for pulling out of the TPP, undermining the NATO alliance and withdrawing from the Paris accord, calling these moves “a whole lot of winning for Russia and China.” In the piece, she questioned whether Faschingstein would be able to rely on its Western vassals should China take “aggressive action in the South China Sea, threatening our Asian allies as well as our own freedom of navigation.” The Sunday interview programs all began with the latest terror attack in Britain and quickly pivoted to the investigations of the Trump administration. Rice, interviewed on ABC News This Week, was the most strident in articulating the Demoagogs’ McCarthy-style demonization of Russia, repeating the litany of unsubstantiated claims and outright lies that have become Demagog gospel. She declared:

Let’s be clear. Russia is an adversary. Russia not only invaded a sovereign country and annexed part of it in Ukraine and Crimea, it’s not only in cahoots with a regime in Syria that uses chemical weapons, it has interfered directly and deliberately at the direction of the highest levels of its government in our democratic process.

She concluded by urging Congress to increase sanctions on Moscow. This effort to whip up anti-Russia sentiment has failed to make any significant headway among broad masses of the Pindo creeple. Its main impact is within the privileged upper-middle-class social layers that have become the primary base of the Demagog Party. These layers, defined by the media as “left” or “liberal,” have continued to lurch to the right, obsessively promoting the identity politics peddled by the Demagog Party while moving fully into the camp of Pindo imperialism. On Saturday, a number of organizations in and around the Demagog Party held a so-called “March for Truth” to prosecute the anti-Russian, anti-Trump campaign. Sponsored by groups such as Move On, Swing Left, Rock the Vote, Progressive Democrats and the NOW, with a rally in Faschingstein and satellite protests around the country, the event drew very few participants. The extensive media coverage was wildly out of proportion to the sparse turnout. The NYT reported “several dozen demonstrators in Faschingstein,” while PBS reported “roughly 1,000” in Faschingstein and “hundreds in New York.” The main demand was for an independent commission to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia, along the lines of the 9/11 Commission. The tenor of the event was summed up in the remarks of Terry O’Neill, president of the NOW, who spoke of a “hostile foreign government” having “installed a puppet as POTUS.” The nominally “left-liberal” Nation Magazine enthusiastically promoted the event, prominently posting an article on its website last Wednesday with the headline:

Pindostanis Are Taking to the Streets to Demand the Truth on Trump and Russia!

Mark Warner Says Russian Hacking Was “Much Broader Than Has Been Reported So Far”
Ryan Grim, Intercept, Jun 6 2017

mark-werner-russia-hacking-1496779997-article-headerWarner before a closed-door committee meeting on Capitol Hill, Jun 6 2017.
(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/ Getty)

Russian government attempts to hack into Pindo election infrastructure were “much broader” than what was laid out in a report Monday in the Intercept, Sen Mark Warner, the top-ranking Demagog on the Intelligence Committee, told Pindostan Today in an interview Tuesday. Warner’s claim was made in response to newly disclosed findings by the NSA that Russian operatives had hacked into an election software company and attempted to spear-phish at least 122 addresses associated with local election officials, with uncertain results. Warner said:

The extent of the attacks is much broader than has been reported so far. I don’t believe they got into changing actual voting outcomes. None of these actions from the Russians stopped on Election Day. I really want to press the case. This is not an attempt to embarrass any state. This is a case to make sure that the Pindo sheeple writ large realizes that if we don’t get ahead of this, this same kind of intervention could take place in 2018 and definitely will take place in 2020.

On Monday afternoon, the DoJ announced that it had arrested a 25-year-old NSA contractor, Reality Leigh Winner, and charged her under the Espionage Act for leaking a highly classified document. They have told media outlets that Winner was the Intercept’s source. The source provided the document anonymously and the Intercept has no independent knowledge of the source’s identity.

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