the pindo nazis will sit and smirk while the toads demolish qatar

Qatar Puts Military On Highest State Of Alert Over Fears Of Imminent Incursion
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jun 7 2017

Yesterday’s news that the Toads have issued an ultimatum to Qatar, listing ten demands among which that Qatar end all ties with the MB and Hamas, has prompted a dramatic response by the small Gulf nation, and according to a just released report by Arabic CNN, and confirmed locally, Pindo boxtops have said they have observed increased Qatari military activity as the country placed its forces “on the highest state of alert” over fears of an imminent military incursion. The sources add that the Qatari military has brought up 16 Leopard tanks out of storage in Doha in preparation for a potential military incursion by surrounding Gulf states. Furthermore, the Qatari Ministry of Defense reportedly also sent a letter to Toad, UAE and Bahraini governments, saying they would fire on any naval ships from those countries that enter into its waters, a Pindo boxtop said. The escalation comes at the same time as Pres Trump allegedly changed course on Qatar, a day after praising a move by other Gulf nations to sever diplomatic relations with Doha. CNN reports that in a phone call with the Qatari Emir, Trump “extended an olive branch,” offering to help the parties resolve their differences by inviting them to a White House meeting if necessary. In a description of the Wednesday call, the White House said:

Pres Trump emphasized the importance of all countries in the region working together to prevent the financing of terrorist organizations and stop the promotion of extremist ideology.

Trump’s latest flip-flop echoed that of his Secs Def & State, who emphasized Tuesday the need for Gulf unity and the importance of the Pindo vassalage of Qatar, home to the al-Udeid Air Base, the main regional center for air missions (supposedly) against Daesh. Separately, the WSJ validated yesterday‘s reports about a Toad ultimatum, reporting late on Wednesday that Toads & vassals are drawing up a list of demands that Qatar must agree to, including steps to significantly scale back the al-Jazeera media network. Oddly enough, there was no mention of “Russian hackers.” The Toads, UAE, Egypt etc are also seeking guarantees that Qatar’s government will stop its alleged financing of Middle East extremist groups and sever relations with the political leadership of the MBs.

Senior Pindo boxtops said Mr Trump told the Arab monarchs he is prepared to mediate the dispute between the Arab states, some of whom host major Pindo military installations. But the Trump administration stressed it needed a clear list of grievances to pass on to Qatar’s leadership, and that Washington wouldn’t necessarily endorse them. This official list of demands is being compiled and could be completed in the coming days. Qatar’s ambassador to Faschingstein, Meshal bin Hamad al-Thani, said in an interview on Wednesday that his government still didn’t know the specifics behind these Arab states’ decision to sever ties. He stressed that Doha is open to the Trump administration trying to mediate a diplomatic resolution. He said: “Until now, there have been no clear requests. We are working toward de-escalation.” Toad and UAE boxtops have publicly accused Qatar of channeling funds to AQ-linked groups in Syria and Yemen and providing a diplomatic safe-haven for the MBs. Thani denied Qatar knowingly has provided funding to any terrorist organizations and said Doha is willing to take additional actions.

Turkey has approved a bill allowing expedited troop deployment to its base in Qatar. As reported earlier, the bill’s passage will allow Turkish troops to be deployed in Qatar and approve an accord between the two countries on military training cooperation.

MoA adds

To release a statement about a phone call with the “Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Zayed al-Nayhan of the UAE” is blatant incompetence. The “UAE” is a federation of emirates, just like “the USA” is a federation of snakes. There is no kingdom of the UAE. There is a Crown Prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, who has a bit of informal say within the UAE, but there are also six other Emirates with other Crown Princes and a federal UAE government structure in which the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi only plays a minor role. The UAE structure is fragile. The federation could easily blow up over the current crisis with Qatar. The incompetent White House statement increases that chance.

This is what it ought to have said:

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, received on Wednesday evening a telephone call from Pres Trump, during which they took stock of the latest regional and global issues and developments. They discussed joint efforts to counter extremism and terrorism and to address security challenges in the region. They affirmed their commitment to strengthening pillars of peace and stability in the region, and explored ways to boost ties of friendship and cooperation.

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