jew circus

A political circus in Faschingstein
Eric London, WSWS, Jun 9 2017

Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday was broadcast live across all cable and network news channels and was promoted beforehand as a historic moment in the investigation of Trump’s alleged ties to Russian involvement in the elections of 2016. The media has been full of comparisons to the Watergate hearings, with Comey, until recently a leading figure in an intelligence apparatus that spies on the population without restraint, presented as a champion of democracy and constitutional government. Hours after Comey’s testimony, the NYT published an editorial titled “Mr Comey and All the Presidents Lies,” a reference to the 1976 film about the Watergate scandal. The editorial concludes:

The FBI’s mission, Mr Comey declared, ‘is to protect the Pindo sheeple and uphold the Constitution of Pindostan.’ Let’s hope that the principles he articulated, and those who hold them, guide this investigation in the days ahead.

The NYT’s comparison to Watergate reflects the delusional and false character of the Demagog Party’s anti-Russia campaign. The Watergate hearings exposed the fact that the president was directly implicated in a break-in and cover-up of the DNC, involving leading officials from Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP). The break-in and subsequent cover-up took place in the midst of mass protests against the Vietnam War, revelations about illegal bombing of Cambodia and Laos, and reports of widespread surveillance of the president’s political enemies by the CIA and FBI. Each day, the hearings were broadcast to a daily audience of millions who were transfixed by evidence that Nixon was establishing an executive dictatorship where the actions of the president are beyond the reach of the law and attempted to cover his tracks by blocking any investigation. At issue in the Comey hearing is something entirely different: a bitter fight within the ruling class fought out primarily over questions of foreign policy. The Demagog Party is not calling for hearings on Trump’s mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, nor on the reduction in life expectancy that will result from his proposed cuts to health care and Medicaid. As for Trump’s foreign policy, the Demagogs loudly applauded the administration’s decision to launch Tomahawk missiles against Syria and to drop the MOAB on Afghanistan in April. In full Joe McCarthy regalia, Mark Warner, the committee vice chairman and its leading Demagog, declared yesterday:

We’re here because a foreign adversary attacked us here at home, plain and simple, not by guns or missiles, but by foreign operatives seeking to hijack our democratic process.

He portrayed Comey as a hero who is “willing to speak truth to power.” During his testimony, Comey denounced Trump’s “odd and unexplained affection for the Russian dictator,” while warning of the Russians: “They’ll be back.” When pressed for evidence, Comey repeated the convenient claim that such evidence is “confidential” and cannot be given to the public. There is nothing democratic in the Demagog Party’s alliance with the intelligence agencies and their joint claims that Trump is blocking an investigation into unsubstantiated allegations that Russia is responsible for Clinton’s defeat last November. Significantly, the Demagog Senators failed to question Comey about his announcement on Oct 28, just days before the election, that the FBI had reopened its criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. This act of electoral meddling, which Clinton herself maintains was a central reason for her defeat, was far more damaging than the allegations levied against Russia and Trump.

The claim that Trump is blocking a legitimate investigation is based on the anti-democratic assumption that the FBI has the “right” to launch investigations against whomever it chooses while hiding the supposed factual basis from the population. In the 1990s, the Thug Party whipped up “scandals” out of Clinton’s personal life in an effort to carry out a shift in administration policy. The central difference is that the Demagogs are currently pressuring Trump to carry out a belligerent shift in foreign policy that threatens to bring Pindostan to war with nuclear-armed Russia. The comparison between those hearings and Comey’s testimony yesterday is a measure of the political degeneration of the Demagog Party. Only an organization as bankrupt as the Demagogs could develop a campaign opposing Donald Trump from the right. The section of the ruling class associated with the Demagog Party, separated from the masses by a vast chasm of wealth, is not fundamentally opposed to Trump’s reactionary social policies. They fear he is undermining the long-term interests of Pindo imperialism and they will quickly warm up to Trump if he accedes to their foreign policy goals. They are equally aware that the election of Trump has only deepened social opposition, and they fear the prospects of a social explosion. Their anti-Russia campaign is in part aimed at directing this opposition along reactionary, nationalist lines. The working class must conduct its opposition to Trump on an entirely different basis. Millions of workers will be devastated by the attacks on migrants, the proposals for massive cuts to social programs like Medicaid and food stamps, the tax breaks for the wealthy, the proposals to deregulate and privatize major industries, the ongoing mass surveillance, and the belligerent military actions worldwide. A fight against this reactionary agenda must not be contaminated by alliances with the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the Demagog Party. It must be based on uniting disparate struggles of the working class worldwide, drawing workers everywhere into a common fight for socialism.

The political fraud of the People’s Summit in Chicago
Jerry White, Tom Hall, WSWS, Jun 8 2017

The Bernie Sanders wing of the Demagog Party is convening a “People’s Summit” in Chicago, Friday through Sunday. Under the banner of “Building the political revolution,” the three-day event, headlined by Sanders is sponsored by unions that backed him last year and several ostensibly “left” organizations that operate inside or within the orbit of the Demagog Party. The purpose of the People’s Summit is to smother, contain and channel mass opposition to social inequality, unemployment, poverty and the Trump administration’s assault on all the rights of the working class behind the Demagog Party. That is, it seeks to subordinate genuine social anger to the right-wing agenda of sections of the ruling class. This is the second “People’s Summit.” The first was held last year, as Sanders’ Demagog Party nomination campaign was winding down and he prepared to announce his support for Clinton less than a month later, repudiating the aspirations of 13 million workers and youth who voted for Sanders because he said he was building a movement against the economic and political domination of the “billionaire class.” By backing Clinton, a tool of the “billionaire class” and military-intelligence apparatus, Sanders helped hand victory to Trump, who ran as the sole “anti-establishment” candidate in the race, while millions of working-class voters stayed away from the polls.

Now the political vaudeville act of the “people’s summit” is being reprised with the same cast of characters, under new circumstances. After performing his assigned role in the 2016 elections, the “independent” Senator Sanders has been elevated to a central leadership role in the Demagog Party caucus of the Senate, where he is doing everything he can to bolster support for the Demagogs. The faction of the Demagog Party represented by Sanders is acutely aware that while there is enormous and growing popular hostility to the Trump administration, the Demagogs are also broadly hated. Indeed, the Demagogs have lost popularity even more rapidly than the Thugs since Clinton’s electoral debacle last year. According to recent polls, 66% of respondents thought Demagogs were “out of touch” with the population, compared to 62% for the Thugs. To provide it with a left cover, the so-called “Berniecrats” are trying to convince the party establishment to adopt a program of mild reforms, including Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, forgiveness of student loans, etc. Their hope is to rebrand this party of Wall Street and war as a “people’s party,” so that it can resume its traditional role of preventing the emergence of a mass working-class movement against Pindosi capitalism. According to a statement on the People’s Summit web site:

(We aim to deepen the) relationship between participating organizations rooted in principled anti-corporate politics, development of community leaders, direct action not based on partisan identification, and strategic organizing to build power.

To call this a “farce” would be too mild. The list of sponsors belies any claims of “principled anti-corporate policies.” The two most prominent union backers of the event, National Nurses United and Communications Workers of America, have long collaborated with the corporations and the Demagog Party, with devastating consequences for nurses and telecom workers. Last year, as they publicly campaigned for Sanders, the NNU and CWA carried out betrayals of striking Minnesota nurses and Verizon workers. Like the rest of the AFL-CIO, which reduced strike activity to the lowest level in history during the Obama years, the NNU and CWA shut down these struggles to prevent a potential political confrontation with the Demagog administration, which spearheaded the attack on health care, pensions and wages. As for the participating organizations eschewing “partisan identification,” the fact is all the organizations and public figures gathering in Chicago identify with the Demagog Party, including the Demagogic Socialists of Pindostan who endorsed Kerry, Obama and Sanders over the last four presidential elections. The same goes for various liberal personalities attending the event, such as Danny Glover, Naomi Klein, Michael Moore, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Amy Goodman and Van Jones. Several current Demagog Party office-holders are listed as speakers, along with BLM activist and “social entrepreneur” Shaun King, who promote the identity politics of an upper-middle-class social layer that constitutes a central base of the Demagogs. They all promote the myth that the Demagog Party, a capitalist party whose standard-bearer Obama just oversaw eight years of war and a historic transfer of wealth from the working class to the financial aristocracy, can be pushed to the left by mass pressure. This was summed up by Winnie Wong, the co-founder of People for Bernie, who told CNN:

The Demagogs will be forced to move left. Whether they will be effective in augmenting the strategic political work we do moving into 2018 remains to be seen. People will leave the summit with a sense of purpose. This is a promise.

There are significant divisions over the direction and electoral strategy of the Demagog Party. The Sanders wing of the party is concerned that the Demagogs’ overt hostility to the concerns of the working class will produce another electoral disaster in the 2018 mid-term elections and beyond. The Obama-Clinton faction represented by Pelosi and Schumer are fixated on attacking Trump from the right and using their anti-Russian campaign to push for military confrontation. There is no genuinely left faction within this debate. The concerns of both the Obama-Clinton and Sanders wings are over how best to market this party of Wall Street imperialism and to contain and strangle social opposition. There will be no criticism from this weekend’s speakers of the right-wing pro-war campaign being carried out by the Demagogs in Faschingstein. The basic political conclusion that can and will be drawn by millions of workers is precisely the one that the organizers of the People’s Summit are doing whatever they can to obscure: that opposition of the working class to the Trump administration must not be contaminated by any association with the Demagog Party and its various affiliates, that the working class must organize independently on the basis of its own socialist program and strategy.

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