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Their Plan Becomes Clear: Pindo Bombs Pro-Government Forces In Syria Yet Again
Caitlin Johnstone,, Jun 7 2017

Pindostan is already presently at war with Syria. The Pindo sheeple by and large do not realize this, and the notion of yet another costly regime change invasion in yet another Middle Eastern nation is still largely unpopular with most Pindo creeple, but that regime change invasion has already happened, and war is underway. The Pentagon is just going about it a little differently this time.

Nearly all of the corporate media headlines I’ve been seeing in the hours following Pindostan’s third deliberate attack on the pro-Assad military in Syria go out of their way to communicate to their readers that this was a bombing carried out in self-defense. “After warnings, Pindo wages new strike on pro-Syria government forces” says Reuters, scrambling to tell the reader that Pindostan is the real victim here within the first two words of their headline. “Pindostan conducts new strikes on pro-Syrian government forces threatening Pindo SOF base” screams the headline of the CIA-funded WaPo, whose shameless war propaganda in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion included this gem:


What is actually happening, however, is that Pindostan has been amassing troops in Syria without the permission of Syria’s legitimate government under the pretense of fighting Daesh, and is now bombing Syrian government coalition forces with increasing regularity. The first time it was a missile strike upon a Syrian airbase on Apr 7, purportedly in retaliation for the government’s alleged gratuitous use of sarin gas on a bunch of children in Idlib. The second and third have been suspicious in a different way, with a deadly strike on May 18 and another just hours ago reportedly occurring because pro-Assad forces got too close to the occupying US invaders and ignored “warnings”. These are provocations, and they are happening more and more often. All the US coalition has to do now is keep taking up space under the pretense of humanitarian peacekeeping, and eventually someone will wander a little too close, at which time they can be attacked. All they have to do is launch enough of these attacks to force the Syrian government to retaliate, and then they’ve got their Pearl Harbor. They’ll have the photos of dead US soldiers that they can parade in front of corporate media cameras all day, every day, whose names the president can solemnly read from a teleprompter while explaining the need for increased military aggression against the Syrian government. Public support will have been manufactured, enabling America’s unelected power establishment to take control of a key strategic region they’ve been trying to capture for a long, long time.

And this isn’t even Pindostan’s only path to regime change invasion in Syria; French president Emmanuel Macron has already warned Putin that there will be military retaliation from NATO against the Syrian government the next time it is believed that Assad has used chemical weapons. This means that NATO forces are already one false flag gas attack away from a full-scale military assault on Syria, which will likely wind up being against Russia and its allies as well. AQ is believed to have been making Sarin in Syria since 2013, and there is much reason to believe that not only was April’s sarin gas attack perpetrated by AQ, but the one in 2013 was as well. We could very well be a few clever terrorists and a container of sarin away from WW3.

The Pindo government and the western media are lying to you about what is happening in Syria. I’ve been pointing and screaming about CNN’s blatant promotion of the Bana Alabed psy-op over and over again as indisputable evidence of this, so I won’t write about it here, but here’s a hyperlink if you haven’t read about this yet (please do).

There’s also an overwhelming amount of evidence at this point that the Pindo- & Brit-funded White Helmets are not just allied with AQ but are literally just AQ who put on white helmets when they want to film propaganda.

And don’t forget the little Syrian boy covered in dust, whose family now says he was exploited in an unimaginably despicable way to demonize the Syrian government and manufacture consent for interventionism. They can’t just tell the public that this is another fossil fuel resource battle, because people don’t often consciously believe that money is worth more than human life, so they lie and make it about rescuing children instead.

But the reason these horrible people are working so hard to manufacture consent for war is because they need that consent. If people lose the belief that they have some degree of influence over their government, the illusion of democracy will be shattered and the whole oppression machine will be shrugged off by 320 million angry and heavily-armed Americans like a heavy coat on a warm day. So they work the other way and use media psy-ops to dupe the majority into supporting deep state agendas.

Following an April town hall in which Feinstein explicitly said that Assad “should be ousted from office” and that the US must “take a more aggressive role” against him, TYT’s Michael Tracey confronted her and pointed out that this sounds an awful lot like the exact definition of the thing that regime change is. In the span of mere seconds, Feinstein somehow managed to both condemn the politically unpopular concept of regime change while making the absolutely ridiculous assertion that 500,000 civilians have been killed solely by Assad’s army and that “he’s got to go.” When asked how “ousting Assad” is different from regime change, the California Senator said “I don’t want to get into semantics.”

Feinstein had to do this because the Pindo creeple have not yet given their consent for another full-scale regime change invasion, so she tapdanced around coming right out and saying that’s what she wanted, while from the other side of her mouth advancing that exact agenda. She did this because she needed to. Pindostan’s power establishment depends upon inching the public toward supporting this war. They need your consent. They wouldn’t be working so hard for it if they didn’t. They need your consent, so don’t give it to them. Fight the media war, disrupt the consent-manufacturing propaganda machine, and help deprive these monsters of that consent.

Establishment Loyalists Spent Yesterday Circulating Blatant Lies About Glenn Greenwald
Caitlin Johnstone,, May 31 2017

The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald is an outspoken advocate and defender of whistleblowers and leakers. Anyone who knows anything about the man already knows this. Therefore, It is a remarkably glaring symptom of the manic McCarthyist feeding frenzy that has gripped the Pindo creeple when establishment loyalists feel comfortable publicly asserting that he thinks government leaks are unethical.

Greenwald has not been terribly popular with establishment Demagogs since he collaborated with Edward Snowden to bring the reality of NSA surveillance to public consciousness in 2013, as those leaks made it clear that their beloved Obama was expanding the Orwellian domestic espionage policies of the Bush administration. Since his open skepticism of the Russiagate conspiracy theory following the November elections, that pro-establishment hostility has ratcheted up to astronomical heights, with Greenwald coming under fire on social media every single day as a “Putin puppet,” “Russian shill,” or “Kremlin agent.” These entirely baseless accusations come from all over the establishment spectrum, from rank-and-file Twitter users to politicians to journalists.

It is from this insane, gibbering McCarthyist cacophony that these drooling troglodytes lurched to screenshot a single tweet out of the context of its thread and pass it around with the intention of deceiving their followers into thinking it meant the exact opposite of what Greenwald was saying. Many high-profile accounts with tens of thousands of followers shared this screenshot and have left it up, despite being corrected by their own followers. Political commentator Marcus H Johnson for example, who smeared both Jill Stein and Nina Turner in a single tweet yesterday, retweeted multiple posts featuring this bald-faced lie, and made a few of his own to boot.

In reality, of course, Greenwald was in no way, shape or form seen “being against leaks” or calling them “unethical”, which anyone who knows anything about him should realize instantly anyway. This is made abundantly clear even for those who aren’t familiar with Greenwald’s consistent non-partisan perspective on government transparency in the context of what he was saying:


As anyone whose cognitive comfort does not depend on Greenwald being a horrible Trump-loving hypocrite can see, he was pointing out the obnoxious double standard in the way Pindostan’s power establishment is fine with highly illegal leaks as long as they hurt Trump, but elsewhere they attack low-level leakers and impose cruel punishments upon them. It was plainly a defense of leakers like Chelsea Manning and Thomas Drake, yet Clintonians like Senior Editor of The Atlantic David Frum spent Tuesday spinning it as a condemnation of leaks that hurt Trump.

Even when told in plain English that he was dead wrong and spinning Greenwald’s words into something entirely opposite their meaning, Frum kept plugging away.

Naturally, Frum’s dough-brained followers broke out in an orgiastic frenzy of excitement and delight.

What made this more than just your garden-variety smear campaign, however, was that Greenwald fought back. Hard. Not just with his usual approach of dropping a truth bomb or two and getting back to work; he kept pushing this thing into the light, over and over and over.

All due respect to Greenwald, who I believe is without exaggeration the single greatest journalist working in the English language today, but he’s dead wrong that he should have “let it go”. He should not have. The fact-free McCarthyist feeding frenzy that has engulfed political discourse in America is what has emboldened these horrible creatures to start promulgating complete works of fiction about their critics and expect no pushback whatsoever. Indeed, they seemed genuinely shocked that they were meeting any resistance at all from the man they were slandering.

This is exactly the sort of thing we need right now, and this is why this particular encounter was so interesting to me. We’ve got to start pushing back on these assholes, and pushing back hard. They’ve gotten so confident in the intimidation factor their horrifying McCarthyist witch hunt carries, so comfortable with the gentle nature of peace-loving “ah well, sticks and stones” lefties, that they’re just starting to walk all over us now without any expectation of retaliation or consequences. Look at the wonderful Matt Taibbi’s response to being asked by Buzzfeed if he was a Russian agent, as professional Joe McCarthy imitator Louise Mensch has confidently assured her followers he is:

“A little bummed,” Matt? Come on. We can’t do this anymore. This isn’t a call for us to be “bummed” and “freaked out”. This is a call for unadulterated rage. It’s not enough to tell our side of the story and let it roll off our backs; we’ve got to go on the attack. We’ve got to embarrass these vile people, publicly humiliate them, take legal action where possible, and make them regret ever having pushed the boundaries of human decency so far. This is just plain dangerous. If we let the David Frums of the world push their oafish defamatory lies as truth without any pushback, we let those lies diminish the voices of people like Glenn Greenwald, and we let the David Frums of this world be the loudest voice in the room. We let the David Frums control the narrative. We let the plodding, lying, manipulative, partisan brains who value winning their little ego battles over being correct, who value diminishing others over being truthful, and we stand aside and let them control what’s true and what’s not in the mind of the public. We’re doing a great disservice to the world if we let those errors go uncorrected.

I do not want to live in a world where the sneaky self-serving lies of people like David Frum are the ones that dictate what is true and what isn’t. Those idiots have ruled for too long. It’s time for truth to hit back.

Still waiting for my retraction of your lying McCarthyist smear piece on me by the way, Rantt Editorial Board and Jossif Ezekilov.

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    Rowan, this post is what I call entertainment. It really is fun from top to bottom. The video of Amy Goodman talking about Chomsky and propaganda is priceless.

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