kristin lemkau is chief marketing officer of jp morgan (ie rothschild proxy for north america)

Alex Jones Implores NBC Not To Air Interview With ‘Liar’ Megyn Kelly
ZeroPointNow, Zero Hedge, Jun 13 2017

JP Morgan has pulled advertisements from NBC Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly after the network uploaded a teaser of an upcoming interview with Alex Jones scheduled to run on Father’s Day. The segment features Jones defending his position that there are enough inconsistencies with the official story of the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary to warrant further investigation. Kelly’s interview comes on the heels of recent attacks on alternative news, including Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec and most recently the Gateway Pundit:

In response to the promo video, Jones said that Megyn Kelly had lied to him about the purpose of the interview. He said:

They were here from 9:30 am to almost 11 pm. Megyn Kelly lied to me several weeks before she came here. She said that the interview was not going to be about Sandy Hook and the mass shooting there, and it was not going to be about Pizzagate (or) these other issues that the media always obsesses on and misrepresents what I’ve said and what I’ve done. She said: “Oh, we might mention those but it’s really just a profile on you.”

He then remembered all the strange and ‘lawyery’ questions that Kelly asked throughout the interview:

She’s a lawyer. It was a total cross-examination. And when I said that I believe children died at Sandy Hook, as I’ve said for years, she kept coming back with answers saying: “You believe nobody died! You believe Anderson Cooper was involved!” and I said “No! My listeners questioned it! I had debates with both sides, and I played devil’s advocate!” Then it all clicked, today!

Alex figured that given all of the Sandy Hook questions ‘Lawyer’ Megyn had been asking, along with questions about fatherhood, she was crafting an emotional hit piece in advance of the interview’s airing on Father’s Day. This led Alex to implore NBC to shelve the interview. He says:

I agree with the families of the victims of Sandy Hook. The Alex Jones profile interview with Megyn Kelly does not need to air. It needs to be shelved. And it needs to not be aired on Father’s Day. It’s not appropriate, and it misrepresents what I said, and I told them that I had a final statement last year.

In a 20-minute Final Statement on Sandy Hook in Nov 2016, Jones lays out his evidence which he says calls into question the official report in the Sandy Hook massacre. In fact, he says:

All I know is, the official story on Sandy Hook has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. … My heart goes out to all parents that have lost children. And so, if children were lost in Sandy Hook, my heart goes out to each and everyone of those parents, and the people that say they’re parents that I see on the news.

In addition to JP Morgan pulling its advertising, Sandy Hook Promise, a leading gun violence prevention organization, released a statement on Monday that Kelly will no longer MC their annual Promise Champions Gala on Jun 14 in Faschingstein. Nicole Hockley, co-Founder and Managing Director, said:

This decision was spurred by NBC’s planned broadcast of Kelly’s interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who believes the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, was a hoax. Sandy Hook Promise cannot support the decision by Megyn or NBC to give any form of voice or platform to Alex Jones and have asked Megyn Kelly to step down as our Promise Champion Gala host. It is our hope that Megyn and NBC reconsider and not broadcast this interview.

Not to worry folks, I’m sure this is all part of the show…

JP Morgan Pulls Ads From NBC News After Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones Interview
Tyler Durden, Jun 12 2017

maxresdefaultKristin Lemkau

While Megyn Kelly’s interview with Vladimir Putin did not raise the ire of advertisers, it appears her interview with right-wing provocateur Alex Jones has lurched from social media firestorm to real-world dollars and cents for NBC News. The sit-down has been promoted as a discussion about “controversies and conspiracies.” In a video promoting the interview, Jones talks about the 9/11 attacks as an “inside job.” In the clip, Kelly also brings up Sandy Hook, saying:

When you say parents faked their children’s deaths, people get very angry.

Jones replies:

But they don’t get angry about half-a-million dead Iraqis from the sanctions.

Now, as the WSJ reports, JP Morgan has asked for its local TV ads and digital ads to be removed from Kelly’s show and from all NBC news programming until after the show airs. The company doesn’t want any of its ads to appear adjacent to any promotions for the interview. Kristin Lemkau, JP Morgan’s chief marketing officer, questioned why Kelly would conduct the interview.

On his radio program Monday, Jones said he thinks Sandy Hook happened, or at least that children died, though there are anomalies about the event. However, he said that was edited from the NBC promotion, and that he was “tired of being misrepresented.” He added that he demanded Kelly’s “hit piece” not air on Father’s Day. WSJ reports that other NBC advertisers have stayed mum on the planned episode, at least publicly.

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