michael foster is the registered owner of the british labour party, according to the elders of zion

Is Michael Foster a Chameleon?
Gilad Atzmon, Jun 13 2017


The utterly repellent Michael Foster who has spent the last 2 years waging a relentless campaign against Jeremy Corbyn has now apparently become a Corbyn supporter. Foster now admits that he was “wrong on Corbyn.”  The Jewish labour donor used the notorious Zionist Times of Israel to “tip his hat to the leader’s success.” In a spectacular admission that portrays total cultural and political  detachment Foster says:

I was wrong on that his brand of leadership and socialism would not appeal.

The same character who a year ago professed that he despised Corbyn and labelled his supporters “Sturm Abteilung” has conveniently changed his spots. However, don’t let the sly Foster mislead you. Foster is not a chameleon. He didn’t transform into a British patriot who cares for the working people or the resurrection of the NHS. Foster is a Jewish ethnic campaigner. Foster is interested in only one thing: Jewish tribal interests. Note the shift to personal language here, and then the warning:

To the future, Jeremy from my point of view has two things that matter to me to deal with. He must continue to stamp out any sign of anti-Semitism within Labour. And he must on that score make I think more of an effort both private and public to meet with and meet the legitimate fears of the Jewish Community. Jeremy’s legitimacy as a leader of all factions within Britain will in part depend on him achieving this. He can make the Jews of Britain feel safe without in any way abandoning his strong and righteous belief in the need for a self-governing and free Palestinian homeland.

Can he? Will the Fosters of this world let him support Palestine and denounce Israeli brutality? Seemingly, Foster and the Jewish lobby have yet to read the picture. Corbyn’s success means that although every Jewish institution in the kingdom was determined to destroy him, Corbyn was able to prevail by turning Labour into a popular movement. He is likely to become PM within a year. Corbyn proved that Western politics can survive without an injection of shekels. This is must be devastating news for the Lobby, for AIPAC, ADL, BoD, LFI, CFI, CRIF and for the Michael Fosters. However, for the rest of us, it is  encouraging news. It arouses a spirit of emancipation.

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